Hey, hi, hello and welcome beautiful souls!

Thanks for popping by to say hello! Welcome to my little baby, my pride and joy and my therapy!

Let me tell you a little bit about myself, my name is Kelley aka The Gypsy Mumma.  I’m the founder of ‘ The Gypsy Mumma’ cyber tribe. We’re a bit of a motley bunch around here. We live with purpose, have hearts of gold and kindness has fast become our middle name.

So about me, I’m a energy guru (reiki master), boho badass and a creative at heart. I’ve been blessed with my twin flame, two little warriors and some life lessons to rattle your soul. I curse like a sailor, crave my sunshine fix and have the spiritual gene.

This Mumma’s a full blown aussie, gemini dsylexic MOFO and has a crystal collection that would make anyone jealous. I dont do ‘diets’, love my woo woo, the beach is my therapy, nature runs through my veins.

I’m into feeding the brain, vibing high and rocking this roller coaster called life. If this isn’t your thing, all good slide on by but if your keen to join the tribe, hit up the subscribe button, we’ll welcome you with open arms.

So things have been changing up around here lately. I now specialise in rising you up, owning your light and facing your fears. The Gypsy Mumma page isn’t about me anymore….It’s all about you, yes you!!

This page has become an extension of the tribe, the #gypsymummatribe. It’s now a community of like minded souls who know their worth, value their opinions and have created a space of love and kindness. It’s one big ball of happiness around here.

The page is now dedicated to all the gypsy souls, the mumma bear’s,  the hippie hearts, the dreamers, the creative spirits, the nature lovers and spiritual beings making their way through life. It’s a place that brings us back to who we truly are, a place of peace, a place that feeds your soul.  It’s a tribe of  beautiful souls who continue to connect and share their love and kindness out into the world.

So welcome to my page!

This page is a journey into my world and yours, it’s a page to share, to inspire and be inspired and a space of love and light.

I hope you enjoy your time here.

With a grateful heart.

Kelley 😘😘

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Disclaimer: In no way do I declare my opinions or style as gospel. It’s just that, my opinions and style. It’s my view, not necessarily correct for all but this blog is my outlet to share. It comes from a place of peace, love and happiness. I hope you feel inspired checking it out, reading and sharing my posts.

In being a blogger there is obviously its advantages.  It’s a platform for businesses to approach you in regards to their products. As any job (blogging) I can rely on blogging as a form of income. Meaning I get paid in numerous different ways.

* Affiliate Links

* Product Reviews ( Real, honest reviews, no bullshit here)

* Social Media Posts (Only if I love it, so trust me if it gets a mention, it’s good in my eyes)

Now this isn’t always the case, there are HEAPS of posts on here with links to product and services that I am NOT being paid for.

Just wanted to let you know I’m honest, real and keeping everything above board.