I’m so excited you found me, and I found you.

Our paths have crossed for a reason… you know that right?!

What that reason is will unfold as we go, but I do know that I was born for this.

And so are you.

Take from me what you need, you’re destined for great things my girl.

Blaze your own trail, activate that energy and flow in the abundance of life because watching you find your light fills my soul. For real.

Now about me…

I am an expert in energy, building side hustles and igniting women’s souls. Period.

I am Kelley, aka The Gypsy Mumma.

From my Zen Den here in Adelaide, Australia, I am a Reiki/Seichim Master, Karuna practitioner, psychic and intuitive healer.

I have my finger in all the pies when it’s comes to the woo woo!
Numerology, crystals, essential oils… you name it, I love it, learn it, practice it and pass it on.

As a Gemini, I have two sides. The flip side to my woo-woo is, I am a mindset mentor, business builder, social media master, side hustler and a soulpreneur, with a following of over 60k collectively. I did the work.

I have built a community of like-minded souls in my Facebook groups, I hold Soul Sessions monthly, sell out Ladies nights of over 100 women, run psychic fairs….I love to show people they can master their hustle, they are worth more than they realise and spiritual alignment is sweet AF.

I wasn’t always this person, though. Only a few short years ago I was flipped on my ass in so many ways. I was bed bound for 5 weeks, my soul was rattled, I was stripped to my core and I was awakened with the full force of a cyclone!

To this day, I am thankful for that time. In a single moment, I was able to see the world with open eyes, speak my truth and in turn, ignite women’s souls from all over the globe.

The thing is I’m just like you.

I am a dyslexic, cursing, sunshine craving, clean living, beach loving mum of two.

My purpose is to help you find your spunk again.

I live to ignite your soul, realise your self-worth, find your truth and share your message.

Whether it’s via social media (hello courses!), through woo-woo or offering guidance, I am HERE! Holding space for YOU!

I won’t have you chasing unicorns or following fairies that don’t exist.

I am real, honest and straight up. I will hold you accountable, blast you with clarity, call you on your bullshit and drop you truth bombs like no other.

But it’s all out of love and a deep, deep wish to see you step into your truth and share your story that will in turn inspire others.

Raise the vibe to raise the tribe.

You can watch me first hand, lighting a firecracker up ya bum on My Facebook page “The Gypsy Mumma”, which is an extention of my tribe, the Spirit Academy.

But I’m gonna be real with you, everything goes down in my SPIRIT ACADEMY.

LIVE FREE WEEKLY TRAININGS! Yep! You will find me running live videos on all things from money management to pendulum practice.

It is a circle of souls who know their worth, value their opinions, create a space of love and kindness and will support you with no judgement.

We are connected. Soul connected.

You can also follow my Insta and Pinterest pages for inspiration, real talk and mic drops. And don’t forget to sign up to my weekly emails for more updates, product releases and giveaways.

This website is a journey into my world, and now yours.

Read the blogs, download the freebies, inspire and be inspired. It’s my space of love and light.

I hope you enjoy your time here.

With a grateful heart,