10 Ways to Declutter Your Mind

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10 Ways to Declutter Your Mind

Getting Your Mindset Right! 

Do you ever feel that your mind is cluttered?? Like a plastic cupboard and the door won’t shut?? I use to feel like this often. Overwhelmed with life, experiencing ground hog day and not knowing which ways which…. it’s one of the worst feeling in the world. Brain clutter…..

Here’s my tips and tricks to help you to uncluttered the mind and live more present.

1. Clear Your Environment

Declutter your workspace, your home, your shed, everywhere. Break it down, one room at a time, one area at a time and create systems and organise it all. This simple step does absolute wonders. Such relief to function in a clear and clean environment!!

2. Live More Present

Listen more, talk less. Really listen when your having a conversation, listen without interrupting, learn something new about someone. Stop and smell the roses, watch a sunset and eat mindfully. Settle your soul and learn. Learn something new about someone, really become involved in the conversation. This is something I often need to work on, I loooove conversation, probably too much. Too the point I talk way too much and basically take over. I’m one of those people that always has a story similar to relate. It’s never my intention to take over but I genuinely get so excited about what they’re talking about I just have to share. Forever learning…

3. Start Journaling

Have to be honest I struggled with this for a while but after some time I really saw the benefits. Clearing my mind of yesterday’s dramas, a resource to express myself and it’s a therapeutic release. You often surprise yourself with what you write, when you reflect you realise what’s a trigger and what’s not.  It’s not until you get the opportunity to write freely you realise areas you may need to work on and grow from within. I love learning about myself, feeding my brain, trying to put my best foot forward each day.

4. Get Outdoors

I know it’s something I’ve already discussed before but the benefits are huge! Fresh air, your body moving and if you can get some sunshine, bam! Gets your endorphins going, the happy vibes flowing and your mindset right. Sometime you can get in a funk, I get it. Life’s gets hard, time slips away for us but you’ve just gotta try. Each days a new day, try again another day but you will thank me for it. Remember baby steps are always better than no steps! 

5. Ditch the Electronics

Clear your mind, read a book and relax. Some times social media can make us feel numb and can overwhelm us. Unless it’s productive take a step back and do what we did before computers and phones. Hold conversations, spend quality time with your friends and family and learn something new. You can read more on this below.

6. Learn to Say No

Don’t over book yourself, take it slow, enjoy your time with yourself, create some space. Prioritise your time and think about how you can maximise it. Give yourself some self Love. You deserve it. We all stretch ourselves well past our limits often but the secret is to know when enough is enough. Breathe a little, recharge the batteries and start again.  Try not to over commit yourself especially when your fighting the brain game, grow alittle first, build up your strength and start the fight again.

7. Put Others First

This one I love, it’s always a big reality check when you take the time to care for others. Whether it’s your friends, family, charities, your neighbours, anyone at all it makes your worries fade away and clears your mind. We all need a reminder not to sweat the small stuff and to give a little love. You never know how you could change someone’s day.

8. Do Nothing at All

Sometimes it could be as simple as staying home for the weekend and laying in bed watching movies or catching up on a month of sleep. Stop your brain. Will these things matter in ten years time, probably not?? Take the weekend to do nothing. No birthday parties, no house work, no work, no lawns, no phone calls, nothing at all just your bed or couch and a book or tv.

9. Embrace Your Crazy Mind

Break it down, write a list (I love lists) and get busy! Sometimes people thrive in clutter and chaos, me not so much but that’s often when they feel alive. The adrenaline kicks in, the stress levels go up and shits getting done. They feel like they’re accomplishing things, life’s moving forward and they’re achieving their goals. This is great but as long as you don’t come crashing down I’m all for this.

10. Mediate

I know I harp on about this but it’s made such a difference to my life I just can’t help but share. Meditation really grounds my soul, gives me clarity and organises my brain. It’s weird how it works but it just does. It prioritises my life and sorts out what’s important and what’s not. Gives me direction and that’s often all I need. A little direction to point me the right way.

Now in no way are these gospel, once again this is just my advice, what’s worked for me in the past and helped me uncluttered my brain. It’s just to give you a little guidance and help in fighting the brain game.


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