2018 Your Best Year Yet!

2018 Your Best Year Yet!

2018 Your Best Year Yet!

2018 New Year Resolutions 

Anyone else feeling the vibes of the new year…. Anyone else feeling that 2018 is gonna be NEXT LEVEL!!! Anyone excited about setting 2018 New Years Resolutions??

There’s just something about 2018 that has me vibing, it feels powerful, it feels fierce and it certainly feels like it’s going to be a big one!

2017 I affectionately nick named ‘The Clean Out Year’ for me. I detoxed a lot in 2017…. Big stuff, stuff I didn’t even know I needed to release. At the time I questioned it all but over time I can see why now. It all makes sense…. Sometimes life works in mysterious ways. It creates opportunities for you whether you like it or not.

Every year most of us start our years with New Years resolutions…. Promises to ourselves to lose weight? Save money? Quit smoking? We begin to focus on ourself again, our directions, our purpose in life. It’s also a time of reflection. Where I’ve been?  What I’ve achieved?  The opportunities I’ve had. I love this time of year.

To help with creating your goals/resolutions I’ve create a three step process for you. One that’s worked for me for many years.

Step 1. Create a Word

Create a word that empowers you that sets your intentions for the year. Let 2018 become the word. It will create direction for you. Allow you to be accountable. So every action, every decision, every choice, every goal will become it. For the 365 days around the sun, you’ll live and breathe your word. It will guide you throughout the year. Give you comfort and confidence. It will rise you up, it will motivate you to achieve, you’ll become one with it and conquer your goals.

It can be any word at all. Believe, Action, Intention, Growth, Achieve, Guidance there’s lots to choose from. You need to find something that really resonates with your soul. A word that speaks to you. I find this really helps when I start to write my goals. You create a theme. It gives me a lot of guidance. For example Growth – My goals become all about feeding my brain. I did courses, learnt a new sport, started reading again, did a motivational course, took cooking lessons, you see where I’m going with it….

Your word becomes you and what your about…..choose wisely.

Step 2. Write it Down.

Although I’ve never really been a fan of the word resolution (I’m much more of a goal person) I love to write mine out. I love goals, I’ve always loved the direction they give me but as we all know life works in mysterious ways. We can plan and achieve all we like but ultimately we are lead along our journeys whether we like it or not.

Our journeys are forever changing, be mindful of this, strive for what you want, become focussed on your goals but also be aware, life happens, things change and the roller coaster ride is inevitable.

So at the end of every year I take the time to write out my goals. I’m a big believer in it. I love the process, creating plans and journaling what’s in my mind. They’ve changed my life.

I have the same routine every year. My goals are broken down into categories. Health, Finance, Home, Family, Business and Travel/Entertainment, in no particular order. Each category I fill in with about 5 goals. Print them all out, laminate them and pop them in the shower. So everyday I’m reminded of where I want to be, what I want to achieve and what direction I need to take. It’s the only way I read my goals every day. I’ve tried the purse, the fridge, the car, the phone but without fail it always comes back to the shower. Do whether you need that works for you. Find your own system, just make sure you can see them often. Reading them daily is the key.

Now Step 3!

The fun part. Visuallising 2018 for YOU!

Break it down….

Who are you when you close your eyes? How are you going to enter 2018? Strong, fierce and in destructible? Soft, gentle and kind? Only you will know…
How will you conduct business for the year? What sort of body will you have throughout 2018?

These are all question you need to ask yourself…..

Visual it all then grab a pen and paper and write it out….. Write till your hand hurts if you need…. share your soul, dream big and write…

Who do you become? What are you like? What do you achieve? What do you manifest? Journal it all, put it out into the universe…. Allow it to manifest, you deserve it all, believe in yourself. Believe in the magic, trust the journey.

Carry it with you if you need, refer back to who you want to become. Re-read it over and over, visit it often, expand on it if you need. Remind yourself of who you want to be. Experiences and opportunities arise that are expected, it makes sense to amend your lists accordingly. Prepare for it, bring it back to your word, bring it back to who you want to become and your goals.

Share your goals if you choose, become accountable. Having mine in the shower makes me accountable to my family. The kids learn to dream, they learn to achieve and strive towards something. We create 5 goals for them each year, often simple achievable goals but I’ve found it really helps their self esteem, especially if they achieve them! Who doesn’t like crossing things off a list?!?!

Creating direction for the new year is something I look forward to at the end of every year. It gives me purpose, it reignites my passions, it drives me to be a better person, to believe in myself. It forces me to assess my life and where I’m at. Goals are important to me. They encourage growth, they encourage belief and they encourage you to achieve.

2018 is going to be big. Feel the personal power of that. You get to choose who you can become. You get to choose your journey. Don’t waste it! Inspire and be inspired. Feed your brain. Quench your thirst for knowledge. Strive to be better, strive to achieve and once again believe. Believe you can!

As 2017 comes to a close, acknowledge what you’ve achieved. Be thankful for the experiences and opportunities. Be grateful for the memories and who you became. It’s time to release it all…… 2018 is a new year, a new beginning…

Close your eyes and breathe……

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Thanks for reading!!

Love and Light.

Kelley 😘😘