5 Easy Steps to Changing Your Mindset

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5 Easy Steps to Changing Your Mindset

5 Easy Steps to Changing Your Mindset.


1. Meditation

This has been one of the powerful tools I have ever used. It’s calmed my brain, made me aware of my thoughts and created an avenue to manifest my dreams. Meditation is one of those things, you either love it or hate it. I’ll admit I struggled with it for a fair amount of time. It scared me…. It opened up a whole new world which I wasn’t prepared for. It created an environment for me to feel vulnerable and that made me uneasy. Now, forget it! I’m looking for any opportunity to ground myself and clear my mind. Meditation calms your body, subsides your aniexty and allows you to settle your soul. It takes time to adjust but be persistent, it pays off. I always struggled as my mind would wander, I couldn’t sit still but when I knew majority of successful and powerful business people did it as a daily ritual I knew it must be good. Just keep trying, do the best you can.

2. Exercise

It’s the age old story, daily exercise for a better life. Well they’re right, moving your body creates those endorphins that everyone bangs on about and puts your head in the right mindset. It detoxes your body, flushes the liver and gets your blood flowing. It doesn’t have to be hard it just needs to be some form of movement. Walking, riding, swimming, kicking the ball with the kids, hanging at the beach, anything at all, just move your body, it will thank you.

3. Food

Food plays a huge part in how our bodies function and mindset is. You want to fuel your body appropriately. Living on takeaways and sugars obviously will effect your body in one way or another, it’s not rocket science! But personally I’ve noticed that my mindset is way off if I consume to many foods that my don’t agree with my body. Bloating anyone? That’s a sure sign things aren’t quite right. I doesn’t necessarily need to be takeaway foods, I was intolerant to tomatoes, potatoes, all the night shade foods. Know what works for your body and what doesn’t, tune in.

4. Be Creative

Everyone needs a creative outlet whether it’s painting, listening to music or simply listening to the birds singing in the morning. Find what make you happy and do that. It will bring your mood right up. You’ll be smiling like a chestshire cat in no time. Life’s simple pleasures are often the best. Take the time to find your happy. Find what brings your soul alive and do that. Cherish the moments, teach your kids and love the life you live. Life is full of little glimmers of sunshine, know them, appreciate them and lock them in your heart.

5. Inspiration

Everybody has something that inspires me. It can be people, environments, atmospheres anything at all. Once again find your inspiration, surround yourself in it, wrap yourself up that hard no one can break it away from you. Inspire to be a better person, inspire others, do whatever inspires you and do it often. Live with happiness in your heart, you owe it to yourself. You get one chance make sure it’s grand.

I hope this has helped you in some way to win the brain game. Mindfulness is a hot topic, there’s lots of opinions, lots of information, do what works for you. These are just MY top 5 things that I do, in no way is it gospel. Use your intuition, trust your gut and find what works. Sometimes it’s trial and error, sometimes it’s a challenge, sometimes it’s medication, just do what gives you peace….

One story, lots of chapters, lots of lessons, one chance, one life….

Choose living….

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