5 Easy Steps to Positive Thinking

Positive Thinking with The Gypsy Mumma

5 Easy Steps to Positive Thinking


My 5 Handy Hints on Finding the Positives in Life.

1. Feed Your Brain

Life has its ups and down, we know this but how we handle the downs is where the lessons truly are. Every since I can remember I’ve feed my brain inspirational, motivational quotes, video, books and podcasts (more on this here) at every opportunity. It’s taught me many things but most of all it’s taught me to look at the bright side of life. That’s there’s always someone worst off (as bad as that is), that we all have our hiccups and it’s only every really bad for 48hrs. There’s always an opportunity to change your mindset, to see the other side, to think positively  and appreciate the simple things in life. What we think has the power to determine our reaction.  Know your negative triggers, learn from them  and release the trauma. A positive mindset is key, subscribe to motivational videos, follow positive Pinterest accounts and keep your brain in check. Feed it with love and gratitude, you deserve it.

2. Learn From the Lessons

Interesting I know but your thoughts really do control your mindset and actions. Know your triggers, know your weaknesses and grow. To every negative there is always a positive. Although we may not see them initially, in the end we see the lesson, we see the opportunity missed, the see how it effects our lives, we see that positive thinking really can change your mindset. Learn from it.  Meditate to give you guidance, stop and analysis your reactions and grow. Growth is the lesson in life. Mindset is what feeds us, in a positive or a negative way, it’s your choice.

3. Create a Plan

I don’t know about you but I’m the kind of person who always has plans, plan a, a plan b and if I’m lucky a plan c. I always try to have options. Keeping my opportunities open, striving towards my goals, keeping an open mind to all the possibilities, that’s me! In saying that I’m also the kind of person who gets extremely disappointed if it doesn’t come together, if I get stopped in my tracks, it messes with my head. I’m competitive with myself and myself only. It’s a natural instinct to become disappointed. It’s human nature. And you know what?? That’s ok…. we all need a pity party occassionally but keep it short, give yourself a day…. no ones wants to wallow in it. Angry and sadness are not nice emotions to hang with, don’t stay there more than needed, it should be replaced quickly with the lesson that’s learnt. Get back on track and start striving towards your purpose. Kick your goals in the dick, stand up and protect your purpose. Not everyone will get your journey but it’s not their journey to get. Keep believing in the magic, you deserve it.

4. Know When to Stop

Life throws you curve balls, it’s a roller coaster, that’s life. Sometimes it feels like the universe is working against you. You get a couple of bumps along the way, your mind starts to wander, you question your direction, you question everything… and that’s ok. Scream, shout, throw some socks around your room, release your anger and frustration sensibly and pick yourself up and put yourself together again. You know what you need to do….. feed my brain again and start to look on the bright side of life. Start to reassess if you need, cross off your goals and take a breather if you need. Baby steps is better than no steps. Life is never a smooth path, if only it was that easy, manifest your dreams, regroup and start again.  Never lose sight of the dream, it’s what drives us.

5. Find Your Cheerleaders

What’s the point in dragging yourself down, is it really necessary!? Probably not… Rise up and start again. As the quote says “It begins and ends in your mind. What you give power to has power over you, if you allow it.” You are what you think. Surround yourself with happy people, people that lift you up, people that inspire you. They say you become like the 5 people you surround yourself with the most. Be mindful with who they are. Find your cheerleaders they’ll give you the strength when you need it. Stalk a mentor, absorb their actions, research people you like, they’ll give you the guidance you need. Keep life happy, life’s way too short. Share the journey with the people that have your back.  Sure you’ll have people come and go within your life at different stages in your life, it’s life unfortunately. It sucks but there’s often a reason, there’s often a lesson. Keep plodding along, keep believing in your purpose but just know who’s there cheering you on.

Positive thinking with The Gypsy Mumma

Keep shining bright beautiful people!!

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