5 Ways to Make Fear Your Friend

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5 Ways to Make Fear Your Friend

Overcoming Fear

Does your ‘inner talk’ make a difference?

You know that voice in your head, the one that’s telling you did ‘awesome’ or ‘stupid’, the one that determines your day? Do you think positive self talk makes a difference? A difference to your day, your life, your achievements?

I personally think so….

You see, our bodies and brains are programmed to react under threat, we response by either fright, flight or freeze…. We can panic, it’s a natural reaction, don’t stress but once the threat has gone everything goes back to normal. However, if we continue to replay the drama over and over again, the brain acts as if it’s still happening….. which then weakens our systems, our adrenals go, digestive issues begin and our health suffers.

Your mind is a very powerful machine, you need to treat it well, be aware of your triggers and realise self talk is powerful.

So let’s break this down…

First thing…. don’t panic!

Most of us live with constant anxiety, fear of the unknown and we don’t want to have the added stress of what this is doing to our health. So here are a few simple steps to help make fear your friend.

1. Beware of Your Self Talk

Do you know what your saying to yourself daily? Often we don’t really know…. Take the time to listen, find something within your routine to remind yourself of your inner voice. Catch yourself when your unaware, like when your cleaning your teeth or washing your hair. Take a moment to listen, you might surprise yourself! It’s an opportunity to correct yourself, switch it up and speak positive about your body, your achievements and your successes. Know your worth.

2. Change Your Focus

No one wants to replay their dramas in their head. No one wants to replay their fears. Flip your focus, think of the positives of your day, look what’s making you happy in your life. There’s always light even on the darkest days, sometime we just need to look a little harder.

3. Feed Your Brain

The more you read or see as positive messages the more it will become your thought pattern. Feed your brain with inspirational quotes, motivational videos, inspiring books, get your hands on anything that inspires you daily. Train your brain to see the positives. Practice gratitude. Be thankful each day, end your day with all the moments that made your day. Sometimes it can be as simple as the sun is shining or a cuddle from your kids. Anything at all that makes your heart sing.

4. Deal With The Fear

Sometimes we’ve got to hit our fears head on. I know it’s scary but sometimes you need to make fear our friend. Sure we feel vulnerable, we feel insecure and panicked but once it’s released you’ll feel so much better. Speak to family, share with a friend if you need, do what helps your soul. Release as much of it as you can, stop the nightmare relaying in your brain. Come to peace with your trauma, let go of the drama, release the pain, forgive if you need to. Find your calm, find your peace.

5. Live With Purpose

One of the best ways to live your life and to feel great every day is to be inspired by what you do. Find what makes you happy, it can be art, going for a walk everyday, cooking desserts, who knows, only you do. If you need help, seek a mentor, read a book, find your happy, live with purpose and enjoy your life. Life is way too short!!

As I’ve said before I’m no guru on this topic, these are just my coping strategies that have helped me over time. I hope they have helped you in some way. I appreciate your support always.

Keep shining bright beautiful people!

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