An Open Letter to My Daughter…

An Open Letter to My Daughter - The Gypsy Mumma

An Open Letter to My Daughter…

So……Recently we had International Women’s Day. You know the day all about women empowering women…

Well this day gave me an opportunity to reflect. Reflect on my opinion of it and what it truly meant to me…

It was interesting what I discovered…It actually made me pen an open letter to my daughter, my little warrior princess who knows what she wants, who she is and what she stands for…so I thought I’d share.

My open letter to my daughter…

Dear Princess Layla from fairyland…. Oh hold up! That’s right you’ve grown… Your a big 9 year old now…. Let me start that again…

Dear Warrior Princess,

That sounds better! My little dynamite! My little fire cracker!! My breath of fresh air…

Where do I start… You my dear girl are in a league of your own, a force of strength, determination and persistent. God knows I know this! I’m often on the receiving end! But in all honestly I wouldn’t have it any other way… but there’s so many lessons you need to learn, some guidance I hope I can help you with and somethings I just need to share….

You’ve got a sparkle, I can see it, your friends can see it, the bullies can see it. Some people in life will love it and some will become extremely threatened by it. That means your special darling, never ever let anyone dull your sparkle. You were born to shine, we all are, but your special. Mostly because your mine but also because you have an amazing bullshit radar. You can see bullshit a mile away. You know when people are being fake, cunning and manipulative. That there, that bullshit radar will get you places in life, you’ll know who your mates are and who isn’t. You’ll know when people are trying to take you for a ride, own it. Protect yourself, know your worth and see it for what it is.

Be bold, be brave and be beautiful. As you know you can’t help the way you look, everyone’s born unique, everyone’s born beautiful, everything about your body, your hair, your face is beautiful because it’s yours. It’s all you, it’s whole heartedly you, embrace it. Cherish everything about it. Your legs for their strength and movement, your hair as an expression of your style, your eyes to see the world, your heart for the love that it feels, your hands to carry and hold, every little bit is you and that’s what’s special. No one cares how you look, no one cares how tall you are, if your kind, caring and show compassion they’ll care. If you have empathy and love, they’ll care. If you treat them with respect they’ll care. Life is way too short to sweat the small stuff darling. You’ll blink and you’ll be 12, you’ll blink and you’ll be 18. Enjoy your life with out a care in the world, keep it like that for as long as you can.

You’ll cross paths with competitive girls, don’t enter into the conversation. Just do you…. They’ll try to bring you down, they can be passively aggressive, big words I know but you’ll learn. Not everyone’s going to be your cheer leader, not everyone’s going to have your back. Rise up darling, walk with your head high, don’t let them get to you. Their not your mates, mates don’t treat each other like that. They celebrate your wins, they stand beside you proud no matter what you do. Those people are your mates, they’re the ones you keep around. They have your back when you need it. Your friends will come and go over life. It will hurt, you might get mad, you’ll be sad, you might be happy but there’s always a reason. The universe works in mysterious ways in protecting you. Trust the journey.

Be fierce in what you want. Don’t let any one tell you, you can’t do something. You were born to do great things. Speak your truth, share your magic and don’t sweat the small stuff. Blow your own damn mind. Embrace your flaws, learn to do better and smile because you want too, not because you have too. Stand your ground, spread love and take no shit. People will test you, you’ll rise up. Every hard knock, you’ve had, every bully you’ve been up against will teach patience, resilience and understanding. Don’t play the victim, become the warrior. Let it teach you strength and compassion. As I say, see it from the other side. Remember thou, actions speak louder than words.

Keep your spirit darling, keep the fire in your soul. Your drive, your passion and your determination. Know your worth, protect your energy and tell your story. One life remember, live it your way. Believe in yourself, blow your own trumpet, if you don’t who will? Own your achievements but never ever be mean about it. If you win, celebrate it but always respect your opponent. It sucks to lose but it’s life, get use to it. Stir your soul, explore everything, sport, the world, education, food, everything. Live a colourful life, follow your dreams, live your best life, you deserve it, everyone does. Live with no judgement, support anyone and everyone in times of need but protect yourself, giving is draining, it’s ok to take every once in a while. Stand true, stand strong and express yourself freely, laugh loud and proud, respect all walk of life. Everyone’s doing the best they can, respect it.

Don’t become obsessed with food darling, food is your friend. It fuels your body that’s it…. Don’t get attached to it, don’t analyse it, listen to your body and fuel it appropriately. Reward yourself with it if you choose but everything in moderation. See it for what it is… Fuel. Embrace different cultural food, try it all. Live a life well travelled, see the world, discover different traditions, spread your light amongst the diverse. Help the needy and speak for the vulnerable. Mumma raised you to care, Mumma raised you to be aware and mumma raised you to give a shit.

I’m so proud of the little lady your becoming and I can’t wait to see you flourish into the beautiful soul you are. I’m your biggest cheerleader, always in the wings watching, admiring and proud as punch! Go kill it darling! Go kill this journey called life!

Your Loving Mumma

Thanks for reading!

Love and Light

Kelley 😘😘

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