Are You Ready??

Are you ready?

Are You Ready??

It’s been a while… Sorry about that, been a little preoccupied launching tees, creating courses, updating websites you know? Life got busy, had some holidays, went on some adventures, took sometime to get my feet back on the ground. It was just what I needed, so thanks for your patience, I appreciate it.

So once again the brand The Gypsy Mumma is about to be flipped on its head. And if you know me well, you’ll know I’m a creative which generally means I get bored easy. I’m constantly growing, changing and evolving. But to be fair it’s only truly been like this for the last 4 years… It wasn’t until I fully stepped into my power I learnt to own every little part of me, flaws and all. So now I fuel it and I can’t get enough, I NEED to feed my brain. 

In doing so I’m ready to share… Share all my knowledge with you. My take on the whole awakening process, what I’ve learnt, how it affected me, what helps etc…. So expect courses, info evenings, even a couple of ladies night. There’s lots coming so be prepared. 

But you know you’ve got do the work with me if you want to uplevel. You need to learn to own your space. You know I’m not here to snooze so I expect the same from you. I want you to dream so big your head explodes, I want you to be honest with yourself, who do you truly believe you are? Ask the question, dig deep and own it. I want you to be willing to do the work because we all know everyone’s gonna have an opinion about your dreams, it’s society unfortunately. 

If I’ve learnt anything since starting my page it’s the ones with the loudest opinions are the ones living Groundhog Day. The ones with the most to say about your goals are the ones that haven’t progressed and evolved. They are often  the ones that stay in their jobs for years, stay in their houses for years, are very set in their ways. 

I want the people that grow, evolve and change to give me feedback. They’ve uplevelled, they get it. They’re the ones you want it your corner, the ones that aren’t competitive and genuinely want you to succeed. They don’t even care if you’re doing the same as them, because they know there’s enough room for everyone. As long as you’re living, they’re happy! That’s who you’ve got to surround yourself with… 

So be prepared my friend. If you start to step into your power expect the shit to fly, and you know what? Don’t dare let it stop YOU! That means your about to make a difference, it means your about to change lives, so own that shit! Own it loud and proud because seriously, it’s now your time to shine!!

Thanks for reading!!

Love and Light.

The Gypsy Mumma 😘😘