Believe In Yourself

Believe In Yourself - The Gypsy Mumma

Believe In Yourself

Know Your Worth

You know you were born to do great things, we all were. We were born with purpose, we were born with belief and we were born with drive….. so what happened?

What happened to that little girl/boy with dreams as big as the sky and sparkle in her eyes?

I saw a quote sometime ago that really resonated with me. That much so that I changed it to my cover photo on Facebook as a reminder. See below…

Believe In Yourself

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It made me think…. Whatever happened to that little girl? I need to go and find her again…. I need to bring her back to life. I need to ignite the fire in her soul…. Anyone else feel like this from time to time?

Do you feel the same? Do you feel like you’ve lost your groove?

I think we all go through it at different stages of our lives, life gets busy, circumstances change, sickness happens, relationships break down but in amongst us all, we forget. We forget to connect to our inner child, we forget to have that inquisitive mind, we forget to find the sparkle in our eyes, we forget to dance freely and speak confidently. We forget to believe in ourselves and trust our gut. We doubt ourselves and forget that we’re destined for great things. Things that ignite our soul, that make our heart sing and shine bright from the inside out.

So I ask you, do you still believe in yourself or are you doubting your choices? Are you so lost you don’t even know where to go, how to get back or even begin?

I can relate, actually I hear it loud and clear! I was there not even two years ago… I questioned everything. It was a turning point in my life. I was sick, I had a parasite, I was living in a bubble. Now I’m not telling you this for pity, I’m telling you so you can understand my journey and why I share what I share. I don’t play the victim card, it’s not in my nature. Anyway….I’m forever thankful for this moment in my life because in amongst the crap I had an opportunity to reflect. Reflect on who I was, where I want to go and what I wanted to do. I got to look at my life from the outside.

Often it’s not until something totally shit happens to you that you get to take a moment and reassess your life. What’s important? Who you care about? What you care about? Who’s your cheerleaders? What you want to do and where you want to go? Having this opportunity was a blessing.

I got perspective, my path became clearer, I cleared out all the sludge in my life and I started to get my purpose back. I started to believe in myself.

Do you still believe in yourself? When did it change? When did we learn that life isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be?

Often it’s a lot of little moments within our lives that mould us into who we are today. Unfortunately it can be traumatic experiences, accidents, moments that frighten the absolute shit out of us! The fear fuels the doubt, the conditioning from our parents can determine our beliefs, every little hit in the head creates worry. As parents were not perfect, far from but we are our kids first teachers, we all need to be mindful of this.

Imagine if we’re that little girl/boy again that thought they could do it all! Imagine what we would achieve, that’s where I’m at. I’m starting to believe in myself again, I’m speaking my truth, I’m determined and fuelled with passion. I’m laughing, dancing and sharing my light. Self talk is powerful! You owe it to yourself, don’t doubt, believe that you can and you will!

I’d love to know what made you lose your inner sparkle, message me via Instagram. You can find me here….. The Gypsy Mumma. What made you change direction? Was it school grades? Was it a relationship? Share your story….. I’d love to hear.

Keep shining bright beautiful people!

Thanks for reading!

Love and Light

Kelley 😘😘

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