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I love everything about boho, the decor, the jewels, absolutely everything! It makes me feel like I’m at home… It’s funny how my Style has evolved over the years. When I was younger I was all about sports so I went through every stage, surfer girl, grunge, hint of rock and roll to absolute tomboy. Did anyone else rock a duffle coat and ripples?? Haha Fun times!! Then I meet my husband and again I changed it up. I felt more feminine and wore skirts and tanks, long dresses and tight jeans. Then my twenties hit! That’s when I kinda found my fit…. and I still dress like it today. Everything I wore was about comfort. I always buy at least a size bigger than what I am and layer everything!  People often would frowned at me and ask ‘your only this size?’ but seriously does the actual size really matter?? They differ from make to make, every fit sits differently, who cares what size you are as long as your comfy and feel great!  My style,  hanging, comfortable and layered, it’s as simple as that. You’ll notice it’s a common theme throughout my posts. 

So now that I’ve hit my 40’s I’m totally loving the boho vibe! Don’t get me wrong I do still love my sparkle etc but why not dress with pieces that you genuinely love? Why not combine all the styles?  The thing with me is I’m a Gemini, I get bored really easily so I’m constantly changing my fashion style. One minute I’m completely rocking out in a full boho ensemble then the next I’m all about a sophisticated business suit, it’s the way I’ve always been. It all depends on my mood. Generally though it comes back to layers, comfort and Jewels. I do love my boho Jewels. 

This outfit was all about the boho vibe, knee high boots, faux fur jackets and flowy dresses. Love it! 

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Style/Model – Kelley Webb – @thegypsy.mumma

Photography – Karen Whitehouse – @rusticspace

Outfit Details

Jacket – Lioness

Dress/Tunic – Liquidcore Fashion

Boots – Egoofficial 

Hat – Dotti

Hair – Mel Darmody – @mel_freshhairandbody