Casual Friday

ootd - casual outfit denim jacket

Casual Friday


Fridays are by far the best day of the week! Everything happens on a Friday in our house. Catch ups, night outs, family events, with out fail we are always busy! Friday is the day that we feel like we actually have a life! Haha

Often my style on a Friday is casual. I’m usually running from place to place trying to catch up. So for me  my ootd has to be all about comfort and this outfit is the perfect errand running ensemble. Connies, black dress and some denim.   Can’t go past it. 

ootd - casual dress ootd - converse sneakers ootd - denim love ootd - denim jacketootd - active ootd - jewellery

Seriously in love with this jacket at the moment and to think I only brought it to sparkle it up and modify it! I have all sorts of visions for it, studs, sparkles, pearls,  I can’t decide so I think I’ll just enjoy it’s beauty just as it is for the time being. 

Outfit Details

Jacket – Valley Girl

Black Dress – Hello Molly Fashion

Shoes – Platypus

Jewellery – Samantha Wills, Lovisa, Creamerr