Dare To Fly….. Dare To Dream

Dare to Fly - Dare to Dream with The Gypsy Mumma

Dare To Fly….. Dare To Dream

Dream Big

Why is it that society expects us to conform? Why is it that it’s not accepted if you dream too big? 

Is it because our parents have taught us to stay in the box and not shame the family or that we need stability with good money and jobs? 

My mind boggles at this! Dream big people!!! There is nothing more frustrating to me that hearing stories about people who are subjected to ridicule for daring to fly. Daring to try something new, daring to explore new opportunities or inventing something new… Is it jealousy? Yes… Is it fear? Yes… Is it control? Yes…. It’s all of these things and it needs to stop. 

I know for me if I listened to people’s views on my blog I would never have started it. If I listened to opinions on Instagram I would never had started and where would I be….. Miserable that’s where! 

I know sometimes people have the best intentions and they mean well but unfortunately their fears can hold us back. In going through the journey I realised it’s my lessons to learn, it’s my mistakes to make.

Thank gawd I’ve never been one to conform. Even as a kid I wasn’t one for peer pressure…. I was brought up to trust my gut and do my thing and that’s what I did.

No one cared if I’d had 1 job or 10 as long as I found what I liked and I was always working…. No one cared if I learnt knitting or karate as long as I was happy… That’s the way it should be…. Flying at our own pace, learning, reading, dreaming of whatever we bloody well want! 

I think social media has certainly heightened this…. The comparisons, the insecurities, the pressure has reached a new level.  Everyone questions everything.

I shared my first YouTube video this week (check the link below), talk about out of the comfort zone!!! Holy hell!! Can’t remember ever feeling that vulnerable in my life…. Anyway  I already know it’s caused a stir… good and bad.

One side it absolutely pumping for me, proud as punch, about time, can’t wait, when’s the next one and on the flip side you have…. Why would you? Who does she think she is? Really? What does she want to be the next YouTube sensation? Arghhhh no….  You see what I mean…. and I wonder which side your on? Are you the jealous type or the cheerleader? Do you raise people up or bring them down? 

It’s a lesson for us all….So for the ones on the other side… What examples are you teaching yourself and your kids I wonder? Judgement or encouragement? Insecurities or Confidence? Only you can answer that…. Only you know your truth.

We know how powerful our thoughts are so if your constantly judging another I wonder if you’ll ever jump out of your box yourself? It’s a question we need to ask ourselves…. Where do I sit? Hmmmm food for thought for all of us.

So beautiful souls dare to fly…. Fly so high we can’t see you! Change the world, create some magic, share your light and believe in yourself. I’ll always be cheering you on. This world needs more believers, motivators and inspirational souls. The ones that say fuck the box and stand up. Stand up strong and enjoy their journey. Enjoy the big and little things and love their lives. They’re the people who change the world. They’re the ones that lift everyone up. They’re the people we need to surround ourselves with. They’re the ones that dream big.

Thanks for reading! 

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Keep shine bright beautiful souls! 

Love and Light

Kelley 😘😘