Disco Pants!

Sequin Pants - ready to dance

Disco Pants!

Sequin Pants Are My Fav! 

Well there’s no surprises there! Ha! I love anything that sparkles, I think it’s built into my DNA. As I’ve said before, my eyes light up, I’m attracted to the shine and I just can’t walk past it. So you can just imagine my delight when I discovered these gorgeous Camilla pants on eBay!! Yes I’m that person who searches eBay for sequin anything! 😜

 Buying secondhand clothing is always an interesting topic…. Some people get real funny about it.  Never understood it. I’ve found some of my best finds in OP shops, eBay and Facebook. Although majority of my clothes are brand new, some items you just can’t walk past, and these disco pants were one of them! 

They came with tags on them and the original price was $799, don’t get me wrong I friggin love Camilla but $800 bucks on pants is next level even in my book! Maybe if I was in a different position financially then hell yeah I’d pay $800 but for me now, not gonna happen! So to get them on eBay for a tenth of the price I’m friggin winning!! Snaps for me! 

One thing you’ll learn about me as this blog goes on, I’m not one to care about where the item may come from, I shop from everywhere! Any clothing store…. Kmart, Myer, Sportsgirl, Liquidcore, Big W, Spell any shop at all. If I like the item, I’ll buy it! Simple as that…. Why always wear designer if it’s not your style? Why not mix and match different items to find your groove? I’m all about wearing what you love, when you want and live your life free. Find your spunk your own way. 

Sequin Pants - CamillaSequin Pants - Festival FashionSequin Pants - HairstyleSequin Pants - Camilla PantsSequin Pants - Boho FashionSequin Pants - Boho Jewellery

Model/ Style – Kelley Webb – @thegypsy.mumma

Photography – Karen Whitehouse – @rusticspace

Outfit Details

Top – Liquidcore 

Pants – Camilla

Boots – Zu (old)

Jewellery – Samantha Wills | Lovisa | Moonlight Society | OP shop

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