Finding My People

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Finding My People

The Sisterhood 

I could write a book on the lessons I’ve learnt this year…. Seriously!  I don’t even know where to start! Unfortunately majority of my lessons this year have been from the sisterhood. The tribe of women you surround yourself with to lift your spirits and support you.  The people that know your weaknesses and still love you no matter what. Well this year has been a year full of realisations…. It’s been an interesting journey to say the least, I’ve been told I’m egotistical, they’ve questioned me on my blog (Why? Why? Ring any bells bloggers?), your over forty thou (I’m not dead!) the works! And this is coming from my tribe, my sisterhood.

So I ask you this? Whatever happened to the sisterhood? The sisterhood where fellows sisters lift one another up and have their backs, the tribe of women who support one another on their journeys no matter what they choose? When did we stop cheering for one another? When did life become one massive competition? Why don’t we ask the questions to find out the answers anymore?

If you haven’t worked out yet I’m a pretty straight shooting kinda girl. I’m an open book, I see it as it is, no bullshit over here! Ha! What you see is what you get….And I’ve learnt over the past year people are threatened by this.  I’m strong within, I know who I am, I know my strengths and I know my weaknesses. I learn from my mistakes, I say sorry when needed and I’m accountable. I live my life true and that scares people. I’ve never really followed, I’m sure of myself and I’ve never been a people pleaser and that’s clearly not the norm. They try to fit you in a box, fuck the box I say! Live your gawd dam life your way. Many sisters worry about what others think? Many sisters won’t admit when they’re wrong. Why? Why worry, why not say sorry? It doesn’t achieve anything… Are we all too proud? 

As I’ve said before writing this blog has been an interesting journey, it’s taken me down roads that I never dreamed I would be, the good and the bad. I’ve won friends and I’ve lost friends. I’ve realised that we all don’t vibe the same and that’s ok. A friend once told me recently that we all grow and mature at different stages and I see this as true now. When something shakes you to your core, you change, sometimes not by choice but you change. You grow to another level then most. You realise that alcohol fuelled benders are not your thing so much any more. Shit talking about other people isn’t interesting anymore. That your health matters, that you really do only get one life and every moment matters. You feel for the people that blame others for their losses in life. That you have no room for judgement and life really is one big roller coaster. You love the fact you live with no regrets and your living your life exactly as you choose. You choose to spread kindness instead of hate. That the simple things makes your heart shine, your life is pretty cool and you really do cherish every moment. That’s what living is all about for me.  I get you may not agree and that’s cool, where would we be if we all agreed? 

I do find it interesting that the ones that support my blog are the ones that have found their purpose and are chasing their dreams. The ones who just get it! The ones that have no judgement and believe your never to old to have a crack, the ones that are living their lives their way. These people are the ones I’ve realised are my people. The ones that unfortunately have been shaken to their core. The ones that don’t sweat the small stuff, the ones that front up no matter what. The ones that avoid drama at all costs, the ones that are persistant with life. Yep! They’re my people! 

I hope you all get to find your people, embrace your weirdness, live your life your way and just be you! Your weird, quirky, fabulous self! 

Keep shining bright beautiful people

Love and Light

Kelley 😘😘