Finding Your Glow

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Finding Your Glow

Settling Your Soul

My son took the photo above and initially I didn’t notice anything unusual about it…. Then as I started to play around with the image something very apparent came to my attention. I had a glow… A bright luminous white glow surrounding me… Now I like to class myself a little spiritual at times but even this freaked me out! What was it? Why have I never seen it before in any images? Why is it only in tonight’s images?? So many questions…. and really no answers. The interesting thing is we took two lots of photos this night and in both outfits the glow was there.  Not going to lie it left me feeling weird, unsettled, calm and inspired all rolled into one…

I showed my son and asked did you do anything tricky with the camera? Did you change any of the settings? To which he replied…. No, it’s because your an angel walking on earth.. Haha Bless his cotton socks! The innocence of my young man… Gawd I love that kid! Gets me in the feels every time….My little spiritual warrior.

After asking around on Facebook (everyone’s go to guide to life) the word on the street is it’s apparently my aura! And clearly on this magical day down at the beach (happy place) it was shining so bright I actually got to capture it!

I know to some it sounds a little woo woo (even kinda to me) but you know what? At the end of the day you really do need to find what makes you glow. Find what really does make your soul shine. Anything that ignites the passion inside you and makes you want to get up each day and kick the shit out of life! Grab life by the balls people, shine so bright they see you coming and spread your glow around. People will be touched by your soul if your doing what you love.

Clearly on this day my soul was shining….. Tip toeing in the waves with my bunnies, listening to their cries of laughter while the cold waves splash them….. Watching the sun kiss the sea leaving fire in the sky…. Listening to the squelch of the sand between my toes…. Feeling the energy and warm of the earth as the sun sets…. Connecting with Mother Nature…. Yep! These things literally makes me glow!

Here’s another pic from the shoot…

Sunsets on the beach


My wish for you all is that you can find your glow, to connect to your soul so deep that you become a walking beacon and live your life with passion. Find what makes you happy and do that.

Keep shining bright beautiful people!

Love and Light

Kelley ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜