Forgive and Forget…. Or Do We??

Forgiveness with The Gypsy Mumma

Forgive and Forget…. Or Do We??

Forgive and Forget

Well that’s what they say anyway…

Must say I’m not a big believer of it…

I believe ( this is just my opinion of course) the choice is yours always, period. No one can tell you to forgive and forget or not. It’s your trauma, your choice. Me, personally,  I’ve learnt to forgive on most matters. It’s been hard, not going to lie, it’s brought up stuff I never ever wanted to live again but it’s also been freeing. It’s freed my soul. I also don’t forget… Although I live my life very present and future and don’t dwell on the past, the life lessons I’ve had are my schooling. They’ve taught me in ways I never thought I could learn, as all our traumas do.

So I’m asking…. Have you ever had something happen so bad that it stops you in your tracks and moulds you into the person you are today?? Have you become a completely different person or take a completely different path because of this?? 

Sadly I think we all have or will over the course of our lives…

These events mould us, they make us who we are, they shape our thought patterns, we see the world differently, we may judge because of it…. It’s life unfortunately. It how we choose to become us…. Now here’s the real kicker. How we choose to react has all the power…. The trauma gives us choices, do we look through angry eyes and hate the world from that day on??  Or…. Live with a grateful heart and choose to spread kindness from now on.  It’s your choice of course. As I’ve said before we all have choices…. 

What do you choose? 

Over the years throughout my life there’s been many moments that has shaken my core, some I discuss, some I don’t. And for many years I harboured anger in my heart and soul. I never showed it often but it was there….. It was always there. I could feel it in my core, I’m sure it’s what made me sick.  Sick in my thoughts, my physical body and in my heart.  So through many many years of releasing, forgiving and understanding I can honestly say the angers gone.  Phew! Finally!! 

Don’t get me wrong I still get angry, by golly do I now.  I explode like my husband. ( His the sort of guy that explodes, releases, then asks what’s for tea the next minute, thankfully it’s never at me, only when his building shit haha think ikea! ) In saying that I’m a pretty cruisy person, not much fazes me, it takes a lot for me to explode. Now thou if I do, I release it, I release deep from my core. I speak my truth and share and it feels bloody good! I’m no longer mute, I no longer brew the pain in my heart, mind and soul. I assess and forgive. Forgiveness is a very powerful feeling (more on this here) It frees you from the hurt and from the pain. It gives you the option to move on and find your inner peace. 

You know the warm swirl that embodies your soul….  The safe place you can retreat too in amongst the chaos… The fuzzy feelings you get when everything is calm.  That’s inner peace to me. 

As I’ve said before it’s taken me years to get to this place. And what a magical feeling it is. It was worth every lesson, ever hard ache and every aha moment a long the way. Not that I don’t wish that upon anyone but through the process I’ve learnt that time, patience and reflection is my best friend. I’ve learnt to see myself from within. So now I stand in my power with my head held high. I speak my truth from deep within my soul.  I look within for the lessons, the fear and the light to truly be seen.  Now I’ve become a strong, fierce, grounded women who unapologetically speaks her truth, follows her intuition and heart and rises up.  

I’ve found the calm, the peace, the acceptance to be me….

I hope with all my heart that you all get to find your inner peace, learn to forgive and move on from your pain….

Keep shining bright beautiful souls.

Thanks for reading.


Love and Light

Kelley 😘😘