Forgiveness…. One of Life’s Hardest Battles

Forgiveness.... That dreaded F word

Forgiveness…. One of Life’s Hardest Battles

That Dreaded F Word…

Anyone that’s experienced any form of trauma or hurt struggles with forgiveness…. God knows I have over my lifetime. That dreaded F word… the one that guides us to undo any fear we hold on to or teaches us to open up to love again..

We all know how powerful this word can be, the freedom it holds and the effect it can have on our life. I live it, experience it and train myself about it every day. It’s taken me years to master it but once you do, in all honesty your life will change forever…

I’ve encountered many people who battle with it, they resist the idea, it’s too scary, they’re too stubborn, too proud, and I get it, I use to resist it too! I just didn’t want to live like that anymore, so I changed.

But once you get it, your life will change forever, trust me.  You’ll live a life full of freedom, full of love and full of happiness. You’ll find that inner peace you’ve been craving.

So how do we learn to forgive?

Let’s break it down…. There’s a lot of myths around forgiveness which I want to mention. These may help you move through it.

Firstly forgiveness has nothing to do with another person…. It’s all you! It’s about you, for you and everything to do with you. Often it’s linked to a judgement which you have of another person, sound familiar? Don’t worry I was there for years….. “How could that person do that?” “That’s not how you treat your family?” “That crime is unacceptable!” You know where I’m going with this…right?

And you know what all this negative talk does? It puts you in a funk, you vibe low, you lose your mojo, processing, stewing, sulking…. It’s not a nice place to be… No matter how much it’s justified that judgement effects you, and only you! It limits the love you receive, it diminishes your peace, and takes your joy. Not good….

So….. it’s time to let it go, let go of the judgement and forgive, forgive the person, release your trauma and grow. Grow your spirit, fill your buckets of love and happiness and free up your energy to receive. Receive the new happy, peaceful life you deserve.

This is a game changer people, I can’t stress it enough. It’s offers YOU the freedom you deserve. Frees yourself of the barriers, the anger, the resentment. Gets rid of the emotional burden, you’ll feel lighter, you’ll feel happier and much more centred. Opening the gates to manifesting the life you love, life will be so much better. Gratitude is a very powerful thing.

Another important point to consider is forgiving someone of their actions does not in anyway make it seem like it’s ok. In no way does it mean that you’ve been silenced. It doesn’t mean you agree, your soft or weak or that you’ve excepted it. It means your a bigger person, your protecting your space and you’ve finding the peace you need. It certainly doesn’t mean you need this person in your life, that you’ve released them, the judgement and the negative energy it attracts.

If someone is abusive, toxic or violent, you leave. Please find the help you need (Lifeline) but in forgiving them doesn’t mean that it’s ok to harm you or walk all over you. Forgiving them means your allowing them to do them and you do you. You’ve created a space where you feel safe. You’ve moved on and accepted who they are but you know you can’t be part of it anymore.

And finally forgiveness is actually a lot easier then it seems. The fact that your actually open to forgive is major steps in the right direction. Sure it will take time, we all hold old wounds including me but to be able to work towards forgiveness in the small stuff builds us up towards the old.

If you need time that’s cool too, these things don’t happen over night. The fact that your reading this blog post is creating an opening in your heart, a beginning towards the healing process and an opportunity to learn and grow. The process is part of the journey.

The universe works in mysterious ways… When you open your heart towards love, kindness and compassion and the universe will do the rest. Trust the process. The more we become grateful the less we hold anger and hurt in our hearts. This is the key.

Gratitude is a very powerful feeling. It’s your first step towards forgiveness. It means your willing to heal, to feel free and move forward with your life. Who knows how long it will take or how it will happen, the fact that your allowing yourself to heal is everything.

Choose love over hate, peace over anger and kindness over judgement…. Let go of your wounds and start living your life, truly living with all one’s might.

Thanks for reading!

Love and Light

Kelley 😘😘

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