From my heart to yours…

From my heart to yours…

2020 was a big year…

For many.

It’s was heavy, unreliable and certainly a year tha5 pushed us out of our comfort zone. In honesty I felt like it was needed. Not the dreaded Corona thou but the energy within it.

We needed the clear out.

We needed to go within and question who we are, what we want and where we want to go. We had a lot of time to think. Probably too much for some, but for most they got clarity.

They got shit done too.

Cleared out the clutter, invested in themselves, saved for things they really wanted.

There were many positives within 2020.

For me it was my biggest year yet.

The universe provided. It pushed me well out my comfort zone, made me pivot, pushed my energy to the limit and I stood up. I needed too.

Here’s my top 5 tips that helped me get through 2020:

  1. Stay in your lane.
    When things change around you, doubt can creep in. Stay focussed, keep your head down and work on your own magic. I saw way to many people copy, become nervous, doubt themselves during this time. Their Root Chakra was well rattled which made them question every single thing about themselves. If you knew the core, heal that.

  2. Breathe.
    Always a winner no matter what’s happening in your life. Meditation can calm your soul in a millisecond. Every single day I meditated no matter what. Sometime even twice. So powerful.

  3. Celebrate everything.
    Seriously I was celebrating getting out of bed at a decent time by the end of it. Celebrating all your wins is powerful. It allows you to come from a place of gratitude which amplifies your energy. Allow it fuel you.

  4. Know when to rest.
    You don’t have to do everything. Learn to trust your intuition and know when you need time out, regroup and go within for a bit. Your energy is everything, nurture it when you need. Your no good to anyone when your in burn out mode.

  5. Feed your brain.
    I invested in a mentor, read books, brought online courses and feed my brain every which way I could. I took the opportunity while I could. We all had so much time in lock down so I was using it to my advantage. There was no travel time to and from work, no extra time out for parties, events or catch up. We were restricted and this introvert heart flourished. I wasn’t wasting my time flipping through Netflix.

And these top 5 tips will definitely be carrying through to 2021 with me. As I said I needed to stop, regroup, pivot and evolve so I knew exactly what I needed within my life.

There’s always light in amongst the darkness remember. You’ve just got to look for it.

Big love