Living Simply

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Living Simply

Becoming a Minimalist…. 

Attempting to anyway…. 

This year I decided to live more simply…. and so far it’s been pretty good, not perfect but good. I looove the notion of becoming a minimalist but the whole process completely overwhelmes me. So I’m breaking it down, creating areas where I can make a difference and organising myself. It’s baby steps for me. Yep! I’ve got lists coming out my ears and it feels good! 

So my first area to attack is my wardrobe….. Eeeek! Sometimes when your obsessed with fashion you can become a shopaholic. My husband jokes about this term often and yes, I’ll admit, I have been guilty of it time to time.  No point lying about it… Well there comes a time in your life when you say enough is enough! And at the start of this year my time came… 

So this year I was going to make a change! Yes, you’ll see they’ll be lots of changes this year.  I decided that I will only buy a new item of clothing if I pay another forward or sell an item. To be honest I felt like I was wasting all my money on items I didn’t really need. It’s easy enough to do, life gets busy, we get carried away with trends and often occasions can influence us. So I decided this year any new item that came into my wardrobe had to replace by another! It had to have a purpose and be a piece that could be worn for years to come. Bringing the classic pieces back! You should try it, it’s so liberating and so refreshing!  It certainly makes you reassess your purchases. Makes you wake up and realise the excess money wasted and the importance of an item.  You question yourself…Do I really need this? Is it a classic piece that will last for years? Do I have pieces that will match this? It’s an interesting process…. 

My weakness has always been shoes. I have an extremely narrow foot which is hard to fit. So to justify it, my thinking has always been, if it fits, buy it!! Hehe I even worked in a shoe shop for years so I could have endless options at discounted prices. Clearly I’ve got issues!! I’ve always thought of ways to fuel my obsessions! Ha! Well as you can imagine my collection has grown over the years and it’s probably my hardest item to cull.  It’s a process I tell ya! You’ll be happy to know I have released alot….. I’ve pasted them on to better homes or sold them on facebook.  Don’t worry  I still hoard a huge amount hoping that one day my daughter will be equally obsessed, especially if she has my shaped foot! Only time will tell… 

And can I just say that Facebook is representing!!! Their new online sales section is the jam!! Gone are the days of selling clothes on Gumtree, Facebook this year represented in the online secondhand sales department in so many ways! Handy hint, join facebook groups that are of your style and you will be  absolutely winning!! Walk in wardrobe and Spell just to name a few!

Check back to see how I’m travelling… I’ll update my progress.

One story, one life, one chance…. Live your life full. ❤️❤️

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