MANIFESTING… Let’s talk about it.

The Gypsy Mumma manifesting your life

MANIFESTING… Let’s talk about it.

Personally I’m a big believer of putting my deepest desire out into the universe so they can hear my calling. I figure the more I put it out there the more opportunities arise and the more they know my plans. They being guides, spirit, source, God whichever you chose. 

My theory is that the ideas need to float around so the right people can catch them. Kinda like you’ll talk about teeth whitening next minute your whole Facebook feed becomes consumed with teeth whitening advertising. Ever wondered why? It’s called manifesting…or conspiracy theory whichever why you look at it. 

Manifesting what we want is actually quite easy so I wanted to share some simple steps to manifesting all the goodness in your life. 

Step 1. Create a goal.

Without a goal we have no direction. Use your imagination, dream big, don’t limit yourself. There’s lots of layers to this. Write your goal down, always. It creates confirmation. Remind yourself daily of it, create a plan, put actions in place. Take ownership of it, feel it, live it, breathe it. You’ll feel the change. Opportunities present, visions come, you become a magnet. Without the goal you have no direction, with no direction, you have no drive. Create the goal… simple.

Step 2. Be grateful

One of life’s hardest lessons. We as a society forever want, but in reality we should just be grateful for what we have. Be grateful for your able body, grateful for your imagination, grateful for the opportunities we have already. Gratitude is the back bone to it all. Without a grateful heart we’ll forever wander, we’ll forever chase others dreams, we’ll forever try to be someone else. When we feel gratitude for want we already have you’ll see that your abundant already. You’re already abundant in your mind, body and soul. That feeling is what fuels your dreams. The more gratitude you bring, the more grateful the universe becomes. 

Step 3. Believe. 

Believe in your heart of hearts your worthy, you deserve this, and the universe will deliver. You need to trust in the universe and have faith that it will deliver. Once your precise and clear about your goal, release it. Let it go and allow the universe to work it’s magic. Don’t worry your mind will play games on you, your past traumas will rise up and the ego can take over. Bring it back every single time. You are worthy, you deserve this and it’s yours for the taking. Trust, Trust, Trust.

Step 4. Visualise. 

This ones a biggie! This is how you take ownership of your goal. Visualise it unfolding right before your eyes. The feelings, the smells, your expression, who do you tell? Everything! This is what turns up it’s intensity! This is what allows it to manifest and grow. It creates momentum and prepares you. 

Step 5.  Affirm it. 

Create an affirmation and repeat it every day. Relive your vision, repeat the feeling, say what you say when it unfolds. Say everything as if it’s already happened and finish it with “this or something better” because seriously, who wouldn’t want better? Then the magic will happen.

Step 6. Be positive.

And here’s your Karma. You know what you put out in the the universe you receive back, so let’s focus on the positive. Fuel it with the good stuff. Create your flow so good things happen, so the only possible outcome is positive energy back. Let’s just do that anyway hey!

Step 7. Take Action

Well I mentioned this one before in creating a goal. Nothing can manifest if you don’t do the hard work too. Because things generally aren’t served on a silver platter. This is your key to success, your chance to take action on your inspiration. Opportunities will come and it’s up to you to say yes. Yes please to your goal. Yes please to steps to create it. The quicker you move on these the better. Who wants to snooze anyway? So remember this is your goal, everything is channeling through you, it’s up to you to create your own magic. No action, no goal.

Step 8. Meditate. 

Hehe the worst I know, but super important. When your in a state of meditation it allows you to connect to yourself in a deeper level. It connects you with the universe and source and therefore allows your goals to be delivered directly. That deep relaxed state is your manifesting gold mine. It’s where the magic is truly happening especially on a new moon! So don’t take shortcuts, finish it off with the magic of meditation.

So if your not scared from your dreams they’re not big enough. Don’t snooze on life, create your own kind of magic and contribute to the world. Your goals should rattle your soul, make you break out into a sweat and keep you awake at night. Because if you dream THAT BIG  your making a difference and that’s what this world needs. 

And there you have it! My manifesting tricks in a nutshell! Let me know what you think, I’d love your feedback.

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Thanks for reading!!

Love and Light.

The Gypsy Mumma 😘😘

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