Meat Free Monday

Meat Free Monday

Meat Free Monday

Meat Free for a Day 

One of our goals as a family this year was to go Meat Free on a Monday.  Why do you ask?  Well last year was one hell of a year for us.  My son and I had parasites. (More on this later)  Those little bastards near destroyed us!! We joke about it now but gees Louise it was no laughing matter at the time.

So to improve our lifestyle and health we decided to drop meat for one day a week.  We generally live a Paleo lifestyle (controversial I know..) but for us this is what works.  We no longer have our aches and pains, have endless energy, limited allergies (with the help of Bicom), and have healed our guts.  It suits our lifestyle.  Don’t get me wrong, we’re not super strict, the kids have chocolate treats etc but if I can make it at home often I will.

The thing with meat is our (us) bodies don’t process it very well.  It’s always been an issue in our house with the exception of my husband, that man is a machine!!  So we figured what have we got to loose? And with the results we were pleasantly surprised.  It was like having a major detox dump once a week!  Our system worked better and our overall health improved.  It was certainly a win/win on our end!  Give it a go it’s worth a try!

If your stuck for inspo check out Pinterest.  There are endless recipe and blogs dedicated to the vegetarian and vegan lifestyle.  I’ve also attached my top 5 instagram/blog pages below…


1 . Food by Maria 

Vegan Meal

2. Pancreas Pantry. 

Pancreas Pie

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 5. Papaya Sunshine

Papaya Sunshine