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All MY tricks to keeping MY headspace right…

I’ve been fighting the brain game since my early teens. My childhood was colourful to say the least and as a child I was very shy and introverted. So when things got rocky I got quiet. I think sometimes life throws us curve balls to teach us. I’m nothing like that little girl now. I’m a strong, independent warrior. I’ve learnt to survive, I learnt to become fierce not in the physical sense but in my mind. 

In my teens I was a young drinker, started at 14 years old.  Young I know but I grew up in the country, we always thought we were bored, little did we know. Looking back it seemed all innocent at the time but probably not ideal for my nature. I partied, had no curfew, I was that responsible kid that was wise beyond her years. My friends were always older, I knew how to hold my own and had a six sense when trouble was brewing.

But drinking at that age affected me, hence why I can’t have a drop now. I basically pickled myself. I joke about it often but in all seriousness I’m paying for it. In my late teens I was constantly sick, tonsillitis consistently, living on antibiotics, weekend benders were the norm and rode the wave of depression. I danced the tight rope often, slipping in and out of it. What always kept me afloat I think was my fitness.  One of my tricks.

For me I know my triggers, I know when things are sliding. My first sign is when I can’t make a decision on what I’m wearing for the day. An alarm sounds in my head!! I’m a Gemini, I make decisions in a millisecond. When I decide I rarely change. I’ve always been a fast decision maker. So for me not to know what to wear is a major sign for me. I’ll stand in my Walk in Robe and ponder for 5 mins. Not how I roll normally . It could be as simple as going for a run and I can’t decide on what to wear, seriously who actually cares, yet I still can’t decide. First trigger!

So to fix this, I downloaded Pinterest. I created boards filled with outfits similar to what I have in my wardrobe and bam decision making done! The trick is to start to see your triggers then come up with ways to fix them. I’ve always been a problem solver and in my head this was a problem.

Secondly exercise. I can’t stress this enough. Just a 5 minute walk down the road can make all the difference. Move your body, get some fresh air and find what you love. The beach is my therapy. It soothes my soul. It grounds me, releases my toxins and clears my head. When I’m sliding I make a conscious effort to get down there rain, hail or shine. It really doesn’t matter what you do, you can dance in the kitchen while your cooking tea, ride your bike or take the kids to the park. Set the goal and do it. I’ve had days where I’ve dressed in my active wear for 4 days straight and done nothing then finally day 5 I walked the block. Just keep trying, just keep believing.

Number three is food. I know your not going to like this but processed sugars are bad when your trying to win the brain game. They fuel the aniexty, they can fuel your depression so for me food is key. Hey it might not even affect you in any way but for me it plays a big part. I find I also need to avoid night shade foods, such as capsicums, eggplants, tomato, potato. These little pearlas are not my friend when I’m at war with my brain. I cut the crap and my life gets easier. 

Forthly Inspiration. Find what makes you tick. Find what inspires you, what makes your heart sing and soul shine. It could be quotes, it could motivational videos or as simple as images off Instagram. Find what makes you happy and do that. Mine is as simple as wiggling my toes in the sand and watching my kids giggle. It’s also video’s, images and quotes but  when my kids are happy without a care in the world, my body could light up a city it’s that friggin happy. Always the simple things with me.  Feed your brain if you need, study, books, courses whatever you need to stimulate some inspiration, just do it. Pick herself up and take one step at a time. Don’t give up, you’ve got this! 

Lastly clean out the crap! All the negative influences in your life. Clear out your Facebook if it’s not making you happy.  ( This post might help) Clean out all the cluster in your house/room, just do one draw or cupboard at a time. Organise your work desk so it functions, step back from the energy vampires in your life. As you know you only get one chance at this life of ours, one chance to write your story, one opportunity to live your life, why not make it as positive as possible??

I know this is easier said than done, I’m just writing about my experiences and what’s helped me and I get that life completely sucks sometimes but you’ve gotta keep picking yourself up. You’ve gotta have a crack! You’ve gotta get busy and if something isn’t working, change it, fix it or get on with. Just remember we all have a choice, what do you choose? I choose living….

Keep shining bright beautiful people!

Love and Light

Kelley ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜