My Baby Turned One!!

One year down for The Gypsy Mumma blog.

My Baby Turned One!!

One Year Down

Can you believe it, my baby turned one!! 

That’s right people my blog is one years old!! Who would have thought this dyslexic Mumma would have a crack, get over 200 subscribers and reach over 100,000 page views in a year!! I know, shut the front door! Seriously?!?

I’m beyond excited I did it! I created my own website (therapy page) to share my thoughts, feeling and opinions on all things mindfulness, life and fashion and people actually liked it.  Some posts have had over 12,000 views, I know,  right?!? What the?!?

To be honest I never really knew where this page would go… It was never about views or likes or reposts, it’s always been about the journey. The journey about a Gypsy Mumma who had lost her way and was on the hunt to rediscover herself and who and what she was about…

It’s been a journey so far that’s for sure, one I’ll look back on for the rest of my life. It was a turning point, a time where everything came to ahead and I found my soul again. A time in my life where I found my path, my loves, my trauma and everything between. A time where my mind, heart and soul become one again… 

So I do apologise for being a little M.I.A lately, I’ve been busy feeding my brain, creating some magic and working on myself from the inside, out.

So last week  I did something really friggin cool! I fed my brain with stuff that I love… Now we all know I love a bit of woo woo, spiritual zen, connecting to the universe hoo haa, well last week I learnt Seichim (type of Reiki) and it felt like home!! You know that feeling where your body is buzzing, your hands are tingling yet your zen as f&@k?!?! Well that was me… 

In all seriousness, if you had asked me 10 years ago that I was going to learn to heal with my hands I would’ve thought, your cooked!! (although many clairvoyants had said so) No way would I learn that crap! Yet here I am… I’ve learnt Reiki 1 and 2, now Seichim. Dead set!! And what a journey it’s been… I’ve released things I never knew existed, I’ve connected to myself in ways I never knew how and you know what, it feels good.

So people take a lesson from me…. Do what makes your heart sing no matter how weird and wonderful it is…. Start a blog, learn something new, go skydiving, do whatever makes you happy… You won’t regret it!! Speak your truth always and shine your bright light because you deserve it, we all do!! Power up people, life is magnificent! 

Thanks for all the love always, my blog traffic has never been so crazy! I appreciate each and everyone of you.

Keep shining bright beautiful souls

Thanks for reading.

Much love

Kelley 😘😘

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