My Year of Growth…

My Year of Growth...

My Year of Growth…


Who I was a year ago is far from who I am today…

I know I had said in my best year of my life post that last year was going to be about GROWTH well I think it’s definitely for this year as well… 

There’s no rules right? Nothing to say we can’t keep it the same? 

Well we’re at the half way mark for the year and who I’m becoming over these past couple of month is so so different to who I’ve been… Sure elements of my personality are still there but generally I’m a completely different person and I like it! 

I’ve certainly put my pieces back together differently this year…. I’ve learnt who I truly am…. I’ve delve deep into my soul and ripped out all the good bits, the bad bits and real ugly bits… Bits I didn’t even know existed! 

It’s been fun and it’s been horrendous and worth every minute.  

It’s funny how much we can evolve in such a short amount of time if we choose… We grow up when we release and let go of things that no longer serve us… 

Life becomes calm…. Life becomes settled…. Life becomes what’s its meant to be… Growth happens.

I’m not going to lie, I use to judge, I use to be the mean girl from time to time.  I think we all are and were through out our lives, it’s just how we’re built. It’s our protective natures, if our insecurities are threatened, we react…. 

I did always try to see it from the other side but sometimes we just don’t gel with people and that’s ok…. 

Not everyone’s your best friend, not everyone’s going to get your flavour and that’s life… but as you know we grow up, we learn to do better, we learn that not everything is as it seems and each day is a fresh start.  

Over this past year my spiritual growth and awareness has risen tenfold, it’s allowed me to release demons I didn’t even know existed, trauma buried deep in my subconscious and find a zen that radiates from my aura. 

I’m truly awakened. 

I’m here existing and living as I should be…. happy, free and centred.

To be honest I never ever thought I’d get to this place but hard work really does pay off. I sent hours and hours healing from within. Read a book a week (Now this is hard work for this dyslexic Mumma) lots of short courses, become an energy guru (Reiki 1,2, Seichem) and meditated my head off! 

I’m sure there’s still more hidden in there but for now I’m happy… I’m happy I’m no longer carry all that crap, I’m happy I’ve found my purpose and happy with who I am… Happy to my core.

Are you happy to your core? 

If not you deserve to be… Life is way too short not to be.  Sure we all have our days, or moments but if you can generally say majority of your time is spent happy your doing alright I reckon.  

If your not, work on it… You owe it to yourself, spend the time, feed your brain, release the trauma.  

I know first hand how bloody scary this can be, there were times where I was nearly rocking in the corner but it was worth it. I’ve learnt to except that it’s my journey, not my fault, not my choice just my journey. That somethings just happen to you whether you like it or not, I finally accepted it and moved on…. 

There was no more pity party (not one to play the victim much anyway) no more questions just acceptance and peace. 

Hey, they may rear their heads again another day but for now I’m good. We’ll cross that day when it comes, at least now I have the tools to heal again if I need….. As least for this stage of my life I’m truly living my life my way…

Hope you all get to find your peace and happy place deep inside your soul.  That your aura radiates love and kindness and your life is just as it should be….That is my wish for you. 

Thanks for reading! 



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Keep shining bright beautiful souls.

Love and Light 

Kelley 😘😘