Online Bullying is NOT Ok…..

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Online Bullying is NOT Ok…..

Be The Change!

Due to the recent online events about bullying and my own personal experiences there’s just something not sitting right with me and I just have to share…..So I have a few questions for you all… When did it become the norm to openly smear another persons name on social media platforms?? When did it become the norm for everyone to get involved?? Is this the future?? I hope not…

Online bullying is NOT ok….. it’s just NOT acceptable.  People are learning their comments and innuendo can spread like wildfire. It can be heard through your friends, your kids school and your workplace, everywhere. It creates a conversation that isn’t necessary. It creates view points of people. It creates a whirlwind of gossip in places you never thought it could reach. So I ask you when is enough, enough? When does it cross the boundaries?

Unfortunately the boundaries are often crossed, crossed to the point wihere the family, teachers, employers, and police are made aware. If your’e a parent/child, in a position of authority, family, you need to be aware of the examples you lead. You need to be aware your participation and actions can have consequences. You need to know young ones are watching. They begin to learn that this behaviour is ok….. well not on my watch, it’s time to be the change.

For me I’m raising kids that are strong in soul, kind in heart and fierce as fuck! I’m raising kids that are fair, that are a voice for the vulnerable and protect the weak. I’m raising kids that know the difference between right and wrong and are proud of their parents. I’m carving the future for them, I’m teaching them that enough is enough. I am raising them to change the direction of this viscous cycle, that’s one thing for sure.

Seriously thou what are we teaching our kids if we sit back and allow this keyboard bullying – not having the guts to approach another face to face?? What are we teaching our kids about owning our own behaviour and hiding behind keyboard bashing another’s character?? What are we also teaching our kids if we sit back and not help put a stop to this behaviour?? What are we teaching our kids if we’re muzzled?!? Are we teaching them that’s it’s socially acceptable to smear someone’s name and do nothing?? Are we teaching them that’s it’s ok that people can constantly taunt you? I don’t think so….

People love to gossip, people love drama, I get it but when it can potentially ruin someone’s life it’s not ok. I see it online all the time. Entertainers, bloggers, celebrities exposed to vicious, hateful, evil comments from trolls, to the point where they question everything…..Even their lives.

How would you feel if you engaged in the collective online character bashing/ banter/ negative comments of someone and it all came out and was realised that person actually did no harm, that they never spoke a bad word, that any/ initial allegations were false…. How would you feel that you contributed to that person, just like you, thinking less of themselves, or worse…. How would you feel knowing you contributed to that discussion, one in which more than likely never had anything to do with you anyway?? Could you sleep at night??? I didn’t think so….

I get it, everyone gossips, we all have a winge but once it’s put out on a public forum for your friends, family, co workers to see, it reaches another level…. Once you comment rude remarks on a celebrity’s page and think nothing of it, it’s serious. How many of you would say the same thing to the same persons face?? Sometimes online bully’s don’t even need to directly say your name but if people can view an opinion about a particular person, it’s serious. If it can effect their income it’s serious. Gone are the days when you pick up the phone and bitch. Gone are the days when it’s via private messages or texts. The level has risen and it’s a major concern….

My question is how do we make it stop??? How many lives are lost till we actually realise this shit is serious. Unfortunately it took someone’s life to create the conversation again…. Create awareness towards this. It shouldn’t be like this…. We are all grown ass adults half the time, we SHOULD know better…. 

We need to have zero tolerance for bullying, whether it’s in the school yard, as adults or on any social media platforms. If your in a position of authority, a parent, a child or in the workplace you have no right to ruin someone’s life, no one does. Let the person stumble on their own, help when they need and allow them to learn. We all need to be so mindful in what we do online. Whether your engaged in the conversation or not, if you see it, say something. Call the person out if you need…. Or send them healing they obviously need it!

So in conclusion please be mindful of your actions, please don’t become part of an online rant, this shit is serious. It can completely change someone’s path. Lead by example, be aware who’s watching and stop the direction of the bullying. This is our kids future and their kids future to come…. This is how youth suicide rates rise…. Be the change and create a path of acceptance and love, no judgement and only kindness. Spread love not hate….

As you all know I’m no guru on this matter and this is just my personal opinion on my personal blog page from my personal experiences. However it’s an opinion I do feel very passionate about.  So if you feel the same feel free to share my blog post with your friends, your family, on your Facebook page, wherever you choose.  We need to put a stop to online bullying, we need to stop it now.

Once again thanks for reading….

If you or anyone you know is having a hard time please call Life Line on 131114 (Australian residents only)

Love and Light

Kelley 😘😘