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Self Love

So I’ve been a little quiet on the blog lately… I took a couple of weeks off to just hang with my kids (school holidays) and it was just perfect! It was an opportunity to reflect, regroup and assess. Clear my head and appreciate all that I have. A time to let go of any negativity and to grow from within. To learn to release and be grateful for the lessons.  A moment to just be… 

Mental health is so important in this day and age. Our lives get crazy busy, gone are the days of the simple life where the hours were nine to five, school was just for learning and sports were for fun. The pressure that we now live with is next level. Finances, grades, success, it’s all measured. It’s not just hanging with your friends and chilling at home. It’s mobiles, after school activities, events and more. Don’t get me wrong I do love it all but there comes a time in everyone’s life when you just need to stop. You need to know when and you need to know why, that’s the secret.

 I felt I was losing a connection with my children, my husband and everyone around me. Our lives were crazy, something on every night and I decided enough is enough, it’s time to stop. To spend some quality time with my husband and kids, have some awkward conversations about how I can do better, what they wanted to change? It made such a difference. We all got perspective. I never expected our lives to reach another level but it did…. it gave us all clarity and direction. Made us realise what’s important and what matters. It was everything I could have asked for.  

We all need to take some time for self love. It’s so important! It allows you to grow and find out what makes you tick. To discover your happiness and brings you back to what you love. It’s mindfulness. It’s a time you can retrain your brain and find your purpose. Your purpose can be anything at anytime of your life. I use to think it was meant to be what I wanted to do with the rest of our lives. How wrong was I! I’ve found mine changes at different stages. It’s the thing that drives you to achieve your dreams, it’s the moments that make your soul shine, that’s your purpose. There’s no rules to say your purpose is this or that. It’s what fuels your fire. The warmth in your heart from doing a good deed. I’ve learnt that one of my purposes is to serve, to help people in need. I love to donate. It brings me to life and gives me the warmth I often need. Selfish I know but it’s true… 

We should never apologise for taking time out, we all need it. I know first hand about Mothers guilt. My husband works away, I work, you feel like your shipping your kids to the end of the earth daily but I still take those moments. It makes me a better mum. I won’t apologise for that. It makes me appreciate each and every message and drawing the kids do.  Self love is my jam! You should all own each and every moment cos we all deserve it! 

Sometimes life gets hard…. it gets busy and overwhelming. Sometimes you’ve got to really dig deep to see the light in the day and that’s ok. That’s life unfortunately. It’s a roller coaster ride. I love these dark days, they give me an opportunity to grow, to learn and breathe but the secret is to not stay there… To move forward, to get up and try again and to reconnect…. To find your happy and let your soul shine. As they say walking peacefully on earth is the lesson of life.

Go find your happy beautiful people. Go be fabulous!


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