Self Awareness

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Self Awareness

Know Your Strengths – Know Your Weaknesses 

Are you self aware? Do you know your strengths and weaknesses? It’s taken me a hell of a long time to really know who I am yet I still have a lot to learn…  I look in the mirror now and know in my heart what actually makes me tick. All the good, the bad and the ugly. Sometimes you have to front up and be accountable. Know that you’re not perfect all the time, well at all really. Know that there are areas that you need to work on. Becoming self aware can be very confronting at say the least. It makes you feel vulnerable, almost weak… but that’s ok. It’s ok to see inside your soul and know where you need to improve. We’re not all perfect, we’re never going to be but if there becomes a common factor in your life than maybe it needs to be addressed.

As I’ve said before this year has been a year of realisation and within these I’ve discovered some areas where I need to improve. One thing I’ve noticed is I’m fiercely protective. Some see this as a strength but some also see this as a weakness. I’m like the sort of person where if you mess with my kids, my family or my friends I’m a gonna scratch ya eyeballs out protective!! It’s not a healthy reaction. There’s other ways to go about it which I’ve learnt. There’s systems and procedures in place to help smooth over the situation.

It’s been part of my makeup since day dot. I can remember arguing with my mum to take me to my little sisters primary school so I could sort out this kid who was punching my sister in the gut everyday. The fire inside me was next level! And I was normally a pretty chilled out kid.

This year my daughters has had one hell of a year so far! I think it’s the year three thing, my son went through it as well in year 3. Kids can be mean, like really mean! Urgh! It makes my blood boil!! Anyway it’s been a massive lesson for myself to go through it as well as my daughter…. It’s finally taken me till half way through term 3 to teach her to stand up for herself, not to put up with any shit but always be kind in the process and I think we’ve finally got there. Phew!

Bullying is not ok… never is and never will be! I’m hoping now she learnt some valuable life lessons to get her through her teenage years and for when she gets into the work force. I love her gorgeous caring nature but I also absolutely adore her no bullshit ‘tude’ aswell. I kept asking her why are you putting up with it? Why are you stilling playing with the person? Her answer… Cause I want to give them a chance? And this people is why I adore my daughter so much… always looking for the positive. But she’s finally learnt on the flip side, enough is enough! Keep killing it kiddo! And this was my lesson too, not to live my life with blinkers on, not to be on egg shells with my friends and family, to always speak my truth and to be accountable. Learn from the lessons, grow from within and live my life genuinely.

As I was saying self awareness….Are you self aware? Finding time for yourself can often be another weakness in people. I’m a firm believer that as a mother/ partner/ teenage kid or anyone really we all need a little self love. We often do everything for everyone else except ourselves. Take the time to care for yourself. Live with no regrets, be the best version of yourself cause you know what, you deserve it! We all do! Live your life, one massive step or one baby step at a time. Go at your own pace. Celebrate the wins, learn from the losses and flourish.

“Don’t let someone dim your light just because it’s shining in their eyes”

Stand tall, be proud and hold your head high. Be kind, spread love and live with gratitude in your heart.

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Thanks for reading!

Love and Light

Kelley ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜