The Noise Inside My Head….

Quiet Your Mind

The Noise Inside My Head….

Learning From the Lessons…

Sometimes you need to quiet your mind to listen to the noise…. Does anyone else experience this?!?! Way too much noise, too much chatter and not enough quiet… My brain has always been busy, ever since I can remember, I’ve analysed people, situations, outcomes the lot! I’ve been a deep thinker, it’s part of my makeup, much like my son. When our heads get busy we get quiet. And if we sit still long enough it will often give me what we need. That’s the secret.

The secret is to stop, listen and learn. To calm the brain….. Sit quietly and realllllly listen. Find out your insecurities, why your reacting? What  your thoughts really mean?? Not going to lie, it’s hard. Like really hard…. Often or not it’s not what you want to hear… and this is where you learn to be self aware. ( you can read more on this here) But you know what, sometimes you’ve got to take it on the chin. You’ve got to front up, breathe through the pain and learn from the lessons, whatever they maybe. The noise is our guidance, it’s an opportunity to grow within and be accountable. To be better than you were yesterday. To begin to shine within….

Sometimes the noise is a warning…. I’ve learnt to listen very closely to my noise. It’s often warning me for when I’m about to fight the brain game again… The monkey on my back is starting to form. The depression is growing… The triggers are forming…. That’s why mediation has been so beneficial to me. It grounds me… quiets my mind and allows me to breathe through the noise. Gives me what I’m looking for. It’s worth a try, you never know how it can help.

There is sooooo many free guided meditations to quiet the mind available online, in apps, everywhere, that can help you. But it is one of those things…. you either love it or hate it. I’ve found even though it settles my anxiety and quietened my mind it’s also opened a can of worms I wasn’t prepared for! Memories flash back, childhood traumas rear their heads. It can be scary at the times, but believe me, every time it’s been worth it. Gawd knows how many times I’ve come out of a mediation in a fright, puffing and panting from a nightmare. But for me, I’m thankful…. Thankful for the opportunity to release the fear, thankful that I’ve learnt something new about myself and always grateful for the opportunity to grow…

Sometimes you’ve got to flip your negatives into positives and work through them.

Sometimes you’ve got to release the fear.

Sometimes you’ve got to choose to live, every way you can.

More on Mindfulness here….. and here Fighting the Brain Game

Thanks for reading, keep shining bright beautiful people!

Love and Light

Kelley ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜