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Thinking Positive Can Change Your Life!

Are you a light or dark worker??

I know it’s a random question but I want you to be honest….

Do you look at the positives, share sunshine to people’s day and live with a sunny disposition. Are you constantly on the hunt to feed your brain with positive quotes, motivational videos and look for the good in people. That means your a light worker, someone who spreads love, kindness and compassion.

Sure these people can be annoying to many at times and I’m realistic, we all know people have shit days but if majority of the time they’re high vibing and encouraging, your a light worker.

But I’ve noticed lately there’s also a lot of dark workers…. The ones that love to watch the news, feed the drama and are constantly playing the victim card. They’re the people that stir the pot, cause fricken within your family and family and laugh at people’s insecurities. They thrive in the darkness….

In all honesty which one are you?? Sometimes we need to have a good hard look at ourselves and face reality….

You know me, I’m constantly keeping it real, making you reflect, making you access who you are and what made you like you are….

But there seems to be a real divide lately…. The ones that are living there life exactly as they choose or the ones that are blaming the world for where they are….

It saddens my heart….

I know no ones perfect but seriously can’t we all just take a moment in our days to spread a little kindness….

Does it come from ANXIETY?? Our society is so consumed with anxiety, stress and pressure that we don’t have time to care for ourselves??

Our minds are a powerful machine….. Mindset is everything!

If we feed our brain with darkness that’s all we see… The negatives in life. If we feed it with positives then that’s also all we see…

We need to protect our energy, speak, see and learn positive things, project it out into the world. Feed your brain with the good, when the negative pops in, switch it up, think positive!

I know first hand how hard it is to break the cycle, an anxiety attacks looms, the negative thoughts begin, they accelerate to a point where you question everything in your life, even yourself! You constantly ask yourself, why, why me? My life is good I’m happy, I’m married to my soulmate, I have two beautiful kids, I have nothing to be sad about? I know the story all to well…

It takes hard work, you’ve got to throw all you have at it. The brain game is bloody hard but oh so worth it. Keep fighting, every negative, throw a positive, break the cycle….

Start to become the light worker… Sure you can be a threat to some. Being a light worker can come across arrogant at time, overly confident, too positive…. Don’t let it dull your sparkle. It’s the negatives in people that begin to question themselves, they’re allowing their insecurities to show…. I’ve never understood it?? Why wouldn’t you feed off the positive energy, surround yourself with the light of another?? I love that shit! Those people are my jam! They’re the ones I attract too, they’re the ones that I surround myself with.

If your looking to swap from the dark to the light start a gratitude journal, it will change your life! It makes you appreciate all that you have, your family, family, work, items, moments, everything! It forces you to look at the positives in your life, try it! It might surprise you….

Come join me and my posse, join the light and spread the love! We’ll all welcome you with open arms!

Thanks for reading!

Love and Light

Kelley 😘😘

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