Time to Get Moving!

Not all classrooms have 4 walls

Time to Get Moving!

Taking Control of My Fitness!

Is anyone else feeling the slump of winter approaching?? My lazy bones have already kicked in, with the cold snaps that we’ve been having in little ole Adelaide it’s depressing….Well it’s time to make the change!  Since I’ve hit 40 I’ve noticed a huge change in my body, my fitness levels have deteriorated and it hasn’t helped that I’m having fibro flare ups consistently but some how  I’d always managed to maintain a decent level of fitness, well not anymore!   I’ve decided it’s time to make a change! Mumma’s making a come back!  Look out! Mumma’s about to be an athlete again! Haha a girl can dream…

At the start of every year I make a list of goals, every year I march down to Officeworks and get my goals printed, laminated and I hang them in the shower.  They cover various areas, finance, health, family, the home, education, holidays, charities and a couple of my fitness goals this year are to run the City to Bay again and hike 12 different SA  locations. Although the hiking goals are well on track, the running one is completely non existent!  So I’ve decided to be accountable.  I’m putting it out to the world that I’m doing it! It’s time to take control of my fitness again and up the anti.  First step…. Couch to 5K is about to be my new best friend! Feel free to leave a comment to motivate me to get my butt into gear! Ha! Catch ya out on the track!

Hiking our first location – Morialta Conservation Park.

Fitness time to get moving

Such a beautiful location.  So much to see, the walking path is full of wildlife.  We saw koalas, birds, frogs, fish, butterflies, even tiny tadpoles, the kids absolutely love it!  Definitely coming back again soon.

Fitness time to get moving Fitness time to get movingFitness time to get moving