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Wanderer Wanderer Wanderer Wanderer Wanderer

Botanic Park is located just across from the Botantical Gardens, it is one of the most beautiful parks in all of Adelaide. (Well in my opinion anyway) A lush green oasis with a avenue lined with large plane trees that provides you with endless shade and the feeling of  being a kid again.  This dreamy location is by far one of my favourites, well anything involving nature is really!!  So expect many shoots from here. Ha! It’s some where I connect, it feeds my soul, balances me and allows me to slow down and wander….. which is exactly what I did this day.

Being a gypsy soul at heart this outfit represents me perfectly.  I’m all about comfort, flow, with a hint of edge.  I often wear an outfit that allows my free spirit to shine and that’s exactly what Spell Designs does!  It’s a sista tribe of wanderers, gypsy mummas, creatives and free spirits, uniting as one. Their designs are for the modern day bohemian lover looking for an escape.  Allowing our minds to wanderer through their designs….. Dreaming of an adventure from the Never Never Land and giving us a moment to allow our souls to sparkle.  What’s not to love?!?

Outfit Details

Hat – Dotti

Scarf – Myer

Jacket – Topshop

Dress – Spell Designs

Boots – Ego Official

Bag – Zaimara