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Wild and Free

Finding The Balance

Lately I’ve been struggling to find the balance being a fashion blogger, a term I use lightly… Recently I read an article about how most people tend to live life on the outside, collecting possessions in the hope of finding true happiness. It made me think is this what I’m doing? Is this what I’m trying to achieve? Because I have a passion for fashion do I fall under this catergory? It made my think…. It made me wonder…. It made me reflect. Reflecting is something I do often…. I’m not too proud to keep my mind in check. Mediation is almost a daily practice for me. It’s my way of reflecting. It gives me  clarity that I often need. It drives my passions and allows me to grow within. After much reflection I realised my blogging is my creative outlet. An opportunity to express myself freely. It’s a vehicle to express my personality through the expression of fashion and outfits. In amongst my reflection I bounced back and forth, can I create the balance between the two, can they actually co-exist? Am I being materialistic?

I believe now that they can, just because you love fashion doesn’t necessarily mean your trying to fill a void within. That you can actually be fulfilled and live pro dominantly on the inside. That happiness for me as a fashion blogger is supporting small businesses, and connecting with like minded individuals within the fashion blogging world. Expressing outfits creatively through different images and stories is what actually makes my soul shine. I can see how people could view it as a quick fix to happiness but for me fashion blog posts are so much more.

The outfits tell a story… A story of a gypsy soul on an adventure, comfortable in her own skin and living her life wild and free…. And on the flip side (as you all know I have a flip side!) a confident fierce powerhouse on a mission. A street savvy Mumma kicking goals in the dick!

I’ve meet some truely beautiful souls on this blogging adventure, some small independent business owners where I’ve connected on such a level they feel like family. This is how I feel about the owners of Liquidcore. Two beautiful souls that just get me, get my style, get my story and genuinely care about my page and me. That’s why I’m always happy to support them anyway I can and this, this is where the human element enters into an otherwise materialistic world. This is how you find your balance.

I love how my fashion blog connects women all around the world, supporting one another, growing creatively, allowing each other to think outside the box. Once again Liquidcore babes, I’m in love! This tunic is the bomb!!

It truely reflects my gypsy side, wild at heart and free in spirit.

Find your balance whatever it maybe and own it!

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Style/Model – Kelley Webb – @thegypsy.mumma

Photography – Natalie Waterman – @natalia.jain

Outfit Details

Tunic – Liquidcore

Boots – Ego Shoes

Bag – Own

Jewellery – Samantha Wills | Lovisa

Hair – Mel Darmody – @mel_freshhairandbeauty

Nails – Emily Husdel – @emilyindigo

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Love and Light

Kelley 😘😘