Winter Wanders

Winter Fashion - The Gypsy Mumma

Winter Wanders

Boho Jewellery 

One thing you’ll learn about me is that I love to wander….. I’m forever exploring, wandering and never home. I get extremely bored sitting at home, I hate it! I always want to be out and about, try new things, exploring new places. I don’t even need to go far… it can be as simple as a new bike track for the kids, or local market down the road, anywhere really…. Our whole family is the same. We can’t sit still. 

Maybe we’ve trained our kids to be like that or it could be their natures, who knows but I hope if I give them anything it’s to grab life by the balls. I hope when they’re older if someone says let’s go surfing, they say yes! And not care about their hair, what they’re wearing or what they’re going to miss. I hope with all my heart they don’t become complacent. That they challenge themselves, live outside the box and slide in sideways to their graves. That’s my ultimate dream.

I hope they learn from my husband and I that life’s too short, to live with no regrets and smile. Smile even on the really shit days because even on the dark days there’s light. You just got to look abit harder for it.  

It’s been interesting starting this blog. I’ve learned some valuable lessons…. I’ve learnt to never give up on a dream no matter what people say, I’ve learnt to always speak my truth and I’ve learnt it’s ok to be over 40 and have a crack! Ha!

This blog isn’t for everyone I get that, I was never really a blog person myself. It’s become my therapy, much like my Instagram. It’s a release for me, it’s a place to keep my mind in check. I’ve suffered from depression numerous times over the years, I’ve had some really dark days, I’ve done the antidepressants, I’ve done the lot! But you know what, those days were some of the best days of my life, they taught me so much about myself. I would sit in the shadows and analysis my life, I would become aware of my triggers, learn from my actions and grow. I would start to elimate the negative, realise the patterns and begin to flourish. I found my warrior spirit, I found love. I learnt gratitude, I learnt to support and learnt to appreciate the little things. For now it feels like the dark days are over, hey they may come back at anytime but at least I now know how to fight them. And that’s why I started this blog! As therapy. 

Wandering around our local area….  Forever feeding my soul.

Style/Model – Kelley Webb – @thegypsy.mumma

Photography – Karen Whitehouse – @rusticspace

Outfit Details

Coat – Sportsgirl

Top – Portmans

Jeans – Fashion Nova

Boots – Zu (old)

Jewellery – Boho Queen Jewelry | Samantha Wills | Creamerr | Lovisa |

Hair – Mel Darmody – @mel_freshhairandbody