Who doesn’t love a freebies? No one I know that’s for sure….

Now you all know I run a pretty open book around here…. I wear my heart on my sleeve, love to lift up another and believe we’re all here for a reason. So it should come as no surprise I’m sharing my secrets with you all. Because at the end of the day all I want from you is love, yeah? To love what you do, love your tribes and love the message you’ve got to share.  We want for everyone to speak their truth, grow and evolve in to the gorgeous souls they were born to be. 

So check out below.

My top 5 Insta Apps to help you beat the algorithm, gain followers and build engagement. Hello! It’s all we want isn’t it? 


My 5 Must Have Apps for Instagram

Top 5 Apps on finding your zen… Now we all know this ones a must! Especially in this day and age… Let’s be real, we all need a little help from time to time and these apps are it. You’ve got nothing to lose…. except your anxiety maybe? 


Top 5 Apps To Finding Your Zen

My Free Pinterest Planner! Name says it all… If you want to know how I managed to get over 100,000 page views in my first year of blogging then this ones for you.  Don’t worry you don’t need to be a blogger to love this… It’s made for everyone…. The influencers, business owners, diy’ers and everyone else in between. All my secrets revealed! 


Free Pinterest Planner

My 2019 Goal Template. This is the year! The year that all your hard work pays off or the year you create some zen or the year everything comes to fruition. It’s your choice, what will you choose?? My Goal template is broken down into 6 easy to use sections to help you find some direction, passion and drive to achieve your goals. Let’s make it your best year yet!


2019 Your Best Year Yet!
My Protection Workshop!

Day in and day out in the ZEN DEN I get asking the same question… ‘How do I protect my energy?’ So I thought I’d put this little freebie together to help everyone clear their energy, keep it vibing high and allowing them to connect back to source as they need. And don’t worry you don’t need to be a full woo woo guru to love this… This is for beginners right up to the experts to help and remind us on how to be more intune with our vibrations. It’s my go to guide on protecting your energy.


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The Gypsy Mumma xx