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Since starting my blog in April 2018 I’d watched my traffic grow gradually, nothing to write home about by any means, but it was getting there. Well recently I learnt some new tricks and I thought why not share!

I learnt that Pinterest needs to be your new best friend! I mean like stalker, obsessed best friend! Seriously, this app is the BOMB! I stalked the crap out of it, I pinned every blogger post I could find, I was up in the wee hours of the morning researching, trying different styles, repinning like a champion! I was getting it done!

And the biggest thing I learnt about Pinterest is it’s a search engine, if you want to find something than this is the app for you. Well I wanted in! I wanted my blog posts EVERYWHERE! I wanted traffic!

So if you want Pinterest to work for you then let me introduce tailwind to the mix. It’s a scheduling app for Pinterest that pins all your pins to your boards for you. HELLO!!! Like seriously, this app is next level!!  I work and blog so I needed to get organised,  I needed MY time again.

The combination has excelled my traffic to the point where I imagined to get over 100,000 page views in my year!!  I have so much more free time now, all while my traffic grows day by day. Self love come at me!

Your main priority as a blogger/brand is traffic! Traffic to your blog, Facebook, Instagram all your social media sites is the goal, yeah? No traffic, no flow, no money, then really what’s the point? You want to share your message, share your style or market your products for your page. And there’s a couple of different ways you can do it but personally I’ve found Pinterest has worked most effectively for me.

Since I still feel like a newbie to this blogging world, I started to get really overwhelmed with trying to grow my page. Where do I start? What’s all this SEO, algorithm talk? Slowly I started to break it down. Process what was important and prioritised. Pinterest became my number one priority. I learnt how to pin, when to share, updated to Rich pins and more.

I’d heard a lot of talk about how amazing it can be for your site but NO ONE prepared me for it!!

Since scheduling my posts my traffic to my blog quadrupled, my Pinterest impressions went up by 832% and Pinterest is now 69% of my traffic to my blog, not bad for someone who blogs once or twice a week!

The other bonus since I introduced Pinterest to my world, my followers and subscribers have GROWN dramatically. No one told me how crazy it can get!! Tailwind and Pinterest are now the back bone to my blog! Although I’m still learning everyday, I finally feel like I’ve got my head around it. I know how to generate the traffic, how important SEO is and where to share my page and when.

My weekly planner made all the difference! Daily goals to master the Pinterest game, grow your followers and build your subscribers. Who wouldn’t want that?!?

My FREE Weekly Planner breaks down your priorities for you. Cause if your anything like me, you want to do it all and have in done by yesterday! Ha! Unrealistic and way too spammy. The planner will give you a schedule to work with and allow your traffic to FLOW!

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