Oh hey!

Ready to uplevel? Well your in the right place!

Two things I love, woo woo and social media. I don’t have one without the other. I’ve spent the last three years building my brand up. I hit most milestones, conquered every fear, failed in more ways than one but throughout it all I’ve always had the same message.

I am dedicated to being a leader and educator to heart centred, soul driven women looking to share their message and build a tribe. I educate aspiring businesses + influencers on how to master social media: sales, coaching, content all while creating a solid foundation for your soul led brand.

That’s my mission!

But let’s be real! I didn’t get here by snoozing and either will you!!

And I know your asking…. Why both choices??

As my woo woo and social media (the true Gemini way!) hold equal power I’ve created two types of courses because courses are totally my jam!!

I looove to educate! I’m over here speaking my truth, sharing my secrets and lifting up all the women of the world! It’s my SOUL PURPOSE.

So if your awakening and it’s starting to scare the shit out of you, check out Spiritual Academy it’s totally where you need to be. . Or you’ve got a message to share and the pulls to strong GM Social is waiting for you!

Either way I’m here to help! So have a look around, creep my testimonials, she what suits because I’d love to connect with you!

Spirit Academy
Conquer your Facebook
Moon Magic
Kick-ass Facebook Course
Cosmic Connection