Goals Workshop

Ready to kickstart your 2022?!

We’re so close to the new year, you can feel it in your waters. 2021 was big for us all. It’s time to put it behind us and start fresh. Let’s clear out the old, step into the new with my Online Goals Workshop!!


Seriously guys this is what everyone needs right now. New beginnings, clarity on the future and being clear on what you what to create for yourself. It’s an opportunity to spend some time within to discover what you truly want.


If your over:

  • The 2021 vibe and are ready for the fresh start.
  • Know your destine for more but can’t put the plans in place.
  • Have trouble staying focused and seeing into the future.
  • Sick of not knowing where to go or what to do.
  • Not living with passion inside

This course is for you! 


So join me in welcoming in the new year and learn to how manifest everything you desire in your life. Create some balance, alignment and abundance. Put your plans into to action. Chase your dreams and bring in some flow.


You’re ready for this! Welcome the new year in with a bang!

What’s included: 


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I’m your newest and biggest cheerleader! Hi I’m Kelley the founder of The Gypsy Mumma and I’m ready to help you to ascend to the next level so you can become a master of your own life.


In just 4 short years I’ve built my brand up to over 180K followers, ran Soul Sessions, become a Reiki/Seichim/Karuna Master, done hundreds or readings, created 1:1 programs and sold out Ladies Nights with over 100 women but nothing compares to making magic like this mini course.


I would love for you to gain some clarity, have an understanding of your purpose and shift any money blocks you may have. 2020 has been heavy. It’s time to set yourself free and start fresh.

This course is the FRESH START you’re after! A boot up the bum to get you back on track! You’re ready.


So if you want to:

  • Learn to manifest the life you desire
  • Take spiritually aligned action
  • Step into your power and welcome in abundance
  • Stop self sabotaging your dreams and desires
  • Allow the abundance to flow freely to you.

This course is for you!!


Your future is calling!