One Hour of Power

Holy sage smoke, I can’t believe I’m doing this!

ONE HOUR OF POWER is coming at ya!

These aren’t the time for fear, darkness and ego.

These are times for adaptability, change and pivoting.

I’ve postponed my Ladies Night. I know, devastated!!!

Life goes on, we mould to the new norm. But I just felt like I really need to share.

The pull is too strong

I’ve changed up the game.

I know how so many beautiful women were relying on my magical night.

So I see you.
I feel you.
I’ve got you.

I’m creating a cracking masterclass where we can all connect from the warmth of our own home!

How friggin magical!!

Warm cup of tea, favourite jammies and a Zoom room filled with YOUR soul tribe.

The best!!

So are you going to join me for a night filled full of wonder and warmth??

Connection and community!

Have you been watching my lives lately?

Us lightworkers have been BOUNCING our good vibes of each other, and it has been UPLIFTING to say the least. Fire in your belly to say the most!

I’ve had goose bumps from the way each of you has stepped up and shone your light in our community, because we’re all feeding off each other’s brightness.

I promise you, this will be a vibe raising virtual event you DO NOT want to miss!

Pop your email in for the deets!

And while you’re there, it might be a good idea to download Zoom too!

Here’s the link.

We’re going to blow this thing up!!