Soul Ignite


Are you ready to go on a journey of a lifetime? Take full control of your life and blow your own damn mind!!

This 8 WEEK ACTIVATION is a game changer!

We’re digging deep peeps! Soul deep! And I know you guys are ready for it!

Here’s the deets.

8 WEEKS OF POWER. An 8 week course where I am holding your hand the whole way through. A journey of self discovery, purpose and a hell of a lot of self love in between.

There will be videos, lives, accountability sessions, Q +A’s, worksheets, + more! So bloody pumped for this!

What you’ll learn over the 8 weeks:

  • Discovering your truth and what holds you back
  • Learning to ground through your growth
  • Connecting to your soul and your purpose
  • Manifesting like a MOFO
  • Who’s your cheerleaders this side and the other
  • Becoming a worthy warrior and what does it mean
  • Stepping forward and slaying your socials
  • Who are you in the future

Time to bring those kahuna dreams to life, drop any dead wood you’re carrying and connect with like minded souls on a mission to rise up.

So I wonder… Is it time you said YES to yourself?

Get on the waitlist now! Limited spots available, be the first to know.



Kelley Webb

Kelley is founder of The Gypsy Mumma, a brand deeply passionate about igniting women’s souls and bringing them back home to their hearts.

In just 4 short years I’ve built my brand up to over 100k followers, became a Reiki/Seichim Master, done hundreds of readings, created 1:1 programs, courses, Soul Sessions and sold out Ladies Night with over 100 women.

Welcome to my hub of magic.

Instagram: @thegypsy.mumma
Facebook: @thegypsy.mumma