Hey light worker!

Welcome to where the magic happens!

This is what you’ve been waiting for, a course amp packed full of all the ‘woo woo’.

But you already know you’re not here by accident, there’s a reason you stumbled across my page.

Spirit Academy is an online Psychic Development course that takes you exhausted to zen. It’s intentionally designed to help you remember who you are, why you came here, your super powers and spiritual gifts to create impact in this world.

You’ll have access to worksheets, video tutorials, vision boards, 30+ hours of training that will activate your psychic and level you up spiritually.

If you feel the calling in your soul that it’s time to spiritually connect.

Listen to it.

If you feel the calling in your soul that you need to change the world.

Listen to it.

And if you feel the calling in your soul that we’re meant to work together.

Listen to it.

You’re ready to create your legacy of light.

Your instructor

Kelley Webb

Kelley Webb

I am dedicated to being a leader and educator to heart centred, soul driven women looking to share their message and build a tribe. I educate aspiring businesses + influencers on how to master social media: sales, coaching, content all while creating a solid foundation for your soul led brand.

Ready to make a difference to your life??

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