Woo Woo Week

Woo Woo Week

8th – 12th November

It’s a sign you’re seeing this, you know. A sign you’re in the right place.


Unlock your intuition, step into your power and connect with your guides.


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✔️ Understand and Align your Energy.
✔️Connect with your spirit guides and angels.
✔️ Share with like minded woo woo lovers.
✔️ Discover who you truly are.

This week is designed to take you on a journey, to connect in with your guides, learn to interpret the messages and become one with your energy.

It’s a week filled with love and wonder.

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This is everything you’ve been waiting for!

All registrants will receive my PDF Protection Workbook on enrolment! So you can learn to protect your energy at anytime!

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Hi, I’m Kelley!

Kelley Webb

I’m an intuitive healer and spiritual mentor. I’m the girl that has your back during your awakening journey. Your wingman, your cheerleader, and a warm comforting hug when shit hits the fan. Teaching you to become a master of your spiritual dance. I’m deeply passionate about igniting women’s souls, helping them master their inner psychic, and guiding them to connect within. With a collective following of over 250K there’s many options available within the GM Brand. Online courses, soul sessions, Group trainings, Own Your Light card deck, and more! It’s a hub of magic!