Five Things About Me….

About me - Sunshinew

Five Things About Me….

About Me

1. I’m Dyslexic 

Not many people know this about me  but it’s part of who I am. It certainly doesn’t define me in anyway in fact I find it a gift. It’s always made me work twice as hard to find the answer and in doing so I’ve been able to see problems from all angles. Being dsylexic allows you to see systems quickly, solve problems effectively and have a broader scope on life. We see things differently to most and I love that! It makes us unique. Well that’s my opinion anyway…

I must say I’m so thankful that I am. In seeing things differently, you see life in colours and systems, you see the deeper connection between people, nature and life. You see the details, body language, energies, shadows and more. It’s hard to explain unless your living it daily and at times it can be absolutely exhausting but on the flip side, so rewarding as well. 

So for all those spelling and grammar mistakes on my blog you may see, please feel free to ignore them. I’m certainly not perfect, not even close but if I worried about the way I wrote I would never have started this blog. So I just do the best I can and I appreciate the love.

Me….. Raw and true

About me - Dyslexic

2. I Married my High School Sweetheart 

Yep we’re a rare breed I know! In a long story short I asked him to the year 11 formal and he said yes and ever since we’ve basically been inseparable. He has always been my rock, my protector and the absolute love of my life! Don’t get me wrong we’ve had our moments as every relationship does but we communicate. We work through it. We’re old school, we have those awkward conversations… and I’m so grateful I found my soulmate so young.  We’ve grown through every stage of life together, finishing school, first jobs, first cars, first house, kids, deaths, sickness, everything! And I wouldn’t have it any other way! Here’s cheers to many more! 

Flashing it back 25 years! Oh my… 

About me - First Summer

3. I’m an Artist 

It’s a term I use loosely. Being an artist is a funny thing, you never know where you fit. Saying your an artist sounds arrogant for some reason. It’s a title you often get judged on, people’s imaginations run towards the dark, pot smoking grudgy artist that’s pulling all nighters to finish a piece and let me tell you that’s not me! 

Anyway I say I am because I’ve had my pieces in exhibitions and sold 268 pieces in one year. As my friend says “You own that title! You’ve proved yourself!” So yeah, apparently I’m an artist… haha 

My relationship with painting (preferred choice) is complicated. It comes and goes… I can paint for 3 years straight and then nothing for years… It’s something I’ve done when I’ve needed to clear my head or earn money while I was a stay at home mum. Either way it’s given me the peace I’ve needed when I’ve needed it. It’s like my therapy… 

If your curious as to what type of painting I do you can check out my Facebook page at Kelley Webb – Artist. You’ll see it’s been pretty dormant lately as I’m not taking  on any new pieces at the moment, my creative juices have dried up for now, but you never know what the future holds. 

Link here>>>> Kelley Webb – Artist

About me - artist

4. I was a Swimmer 

I was a fit kid, I did everything, netball, taekwondo, running, tee ball, football but swimming was my thing. I trained morning and night for years! My favourite strokes were backstroke and freestyle, I was long and lean, built like a swimmer if that’s a thing? And apparently I use to glide through the water?!? Ha! Oh to be back there! 

It now makes sense as to why this was my sport, ever since I can remember I’ve been a deep thinker, much like my son. Swimming was my thinking time. A time I could escape from the world and clear my mind. My sons the same, he loves sports that are individual, running, riding, motorbike riding, skateboards etc. Sports he can just be. I only realised this through watching him and questioning why it was never a team sport. The things you learn about yourself via your kids hey?!? My daughter however is all about team sports, she’s obsessed with netball but she stops and changes so much I can’t keep up! It’s never worried me though, as long as they’re active I’m happy. Why not try them all till you find your groove? Isn’t that what life’s all about? 

On the hunt for an image…. Placed in a safe place that we’ve all forgotten about! 😝

5. I Love Donating

To give is as much for you as the other person. It gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling inside and that feeling can be addictive.  I give to teach my kids kindness. I teach my kids we all have choices, everything in life is a choice, your emotions, your decisions, everything and if you have the option to donate I hope you choose too. You can donate in so many different ways, time, food, clothing, blood, organs, services, so many ways.  My motto has always been donate if you can, when you can. It’s that simple! You may not have the option to buy products for the homeless but you could help an elderly lady at the supermarket push her trolley. Maybe just simply buy an extra cup of coffee for someone in need. It honestly doesn’t take much but it could mean the world to another. Spread kindness, it really does go along way… 

This is my son’s haul one Christmas for the homeless… Proud Mumma moment. 

About me - Donating

And there you have it, a little snippet about me! A glimpse into the person behind the blog. Hope you enjoyed it and you never know, there might be some more in the future… 

Love and Light ✨❤️