Deep Womb Healing Meditation



This DEEP WOMB HEALING MEDITATION is just as it says. It focuses on your womb space where we store our deepest traumas as women.


It begins with connecting deeply to the universal light and crystalline grids to anchor in your energy to allow the flow of magic to work through all your auras and physical body.


Then it is designed to focus on your sacral space. So you can honour your body. Celebrate your body. Nurture your body. Release deep traumas that you may have stored for years through your womb space. To help you find some peace if you’ve experienced sexual traumas, DV, miscarriages, fertility issues, hysterectomies, digestive issues, and so on. This meditation is created to help you let go,  release and honour your womb. It’s deep, raw and heartfelt. An opportunity to nurture your beautiful body and allow your power to come back to you.


I hope you enjoy it.