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I decided to write this blog post because I get soooo many privates messages via Insta about my organic hair care, what products  I use? Who does my hair?etc etc. and I think you all maybe a little shocked by it. It’s not what you think…. 

To give you a little background history I got quite sick over a year ago. I got a parasite which gave me a lot of allergies. I became highly sensitive to chemicals. Totally shit but it’s life.  You can just imagine! Allergic to chemicals and I was the bleach queen!  I was a person who used bleach on the daily, cleaning my house, colouring my hair, soaking my clothes, I used it everyday in some way. Not ideal I know but you know, we live and learn.  Well it was no surprise I became allergic to bleach.  At the time I nearly died!! Bleach are you kidding me?? But it’s funny when your world gets tipped up side down how much you realise it’s all just stuff, you don’t need to sweat the small stuff and you just get on with it. That’s my nature now…. I’ll often ask myself? ‘Can I change it, no! Can I fix it? No! Well get on with it!’ Haha life lessons 101 here! Hehe

Anyway getting back to it I knew I had to find an alternative! I’m 40 and you know, I’ve got sparkly bits in my hair.  Some people are all about embracing it etc but you know what, I refuse, that’s not me! I live a pretty clean healthy lifestyle but there’s just something’s a girl won’t give up! And that’s dying my hair!! Not gonna lie, never gonna happen! So I met my awesome hairdresser Mel Darmody! What a god sent she is, a true legend! One of those girls that’s goes above and beyond to help a sista out.  That’s my hairdresser! We researched, we trialled and we conquered! We found a hair colour that’s Ammonia free, hey it’s not perfect, nothings touched my scalp but it’s as close as we can get. I’ll take anything that’s going to cover the greys and give me dem fresh hair feels. πŸ™ŒπŸ»

The colour isn’t chemical free, not sure if they even make any colour chemical free but you know what it works and it’s as good as it gets! Happy Mumma! 

So here’s the kicker! In regards to maintenance I use Everescents Organic shampoo and conditioner. Swear by the stuff! It’s like liquid gold! I’ve had no reactions or issues with this product and you all know how much I live in a bubble! I use coconut oil occasionally as a treatment if I feel my hairs getting alittle dry on the ends and this one will get ya! I use zero hair products! No hairspray, gels, dry shampoos, root lift, nothing!! I can’t, they all have something I react too unfortunately, don’t worry I’ve tried! So the secret to my silky smooth hair is just as simple as that, no products, diet and a little trick I’ve done for years. I always run cold water over my hair when I’ve finished washing it. I read it years ago and you know what, I think it actually works! Just these last 6 months I’ve done it religiously and my hairs never been shinier! Hey it’s probably crap, who knows, but I’ll give anything a try! 

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So if your from little ole Adelaide like me look up Mel at Fresh Hair and Body, Golden Grove. You won’t be disappointed! Best colourist and cutter going around! Check her Insta here….. @mel_freshhairandbody

Hope that answers everyone’s questions. Feel free to post your comments on my Instagram anytime. 

Love your work, keep shining bright! 🌟🌟

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