Happiness – What a wonderful gift!

Happiness with The Gypsy Mumma

Happiness – What a wonderful gift!

Finding Your Happy! 

Happiness,  what a beautiful gift it is…. And to think we have control of it! 

Happiness comes from your core, no one and no item can create it. It’s the moments and the memories that brings you happiness but we all need that friendly little reminder sometimes. 

As kids we get asked allll the time what do want to be when your older and we’d rattle off an astronaut, no a ballerina, nope a teacher but never did we simply say to be happy. Imagine if that was all we wanted as a kid, imagine the possibilities, imagine the adventures we’d have! 

Simply boxing ourselves in, limiting our minds to believe a career could fulfill our lives is just crazy…. There’s so much more to life to live. Travel, family, friends just to name a few that help us create our moments, the moments that take stirred our soul.

Happiness is created from a sunset at home or sunrise in a foreign country, the simple giggle from our child or a moment that took our breathe away. Not the images we see on social media, not the motivational video’s we’ve watched. They’re great don’t get me wrong but as I’ve said before, be aware they’re not real….

We know this…. I’ve discussed it before.

What’s hidden behind the scenes is nothing like what it is on social media platforms…  Keep it real, everything in moderation.  

Anyway that’s a whole other blog post! 

Images and videos stimulate your minds to be aware, to stop and breathe and appreciate all that we have. We need to put it in perspective, you are your creator, you’re the one that determines your happiness…. only you. 

I get it? Life gets busy, like crazzzzzzy busy! Life’s like a merry-go-round but occasionally you’ve got to step off…. 

Take the slow way home…. 

Sit and breathe on a beach, hike in nature, regroup and begin again. 

Listen to your kids stories no matter how slow and painful they are because if they don’t tell you the little things by golly they won’t tell you the big things! I don’t know about you but that scares the crap out of me! 

We have no secrets in our house…. Some people turn their noses up about this but my kids know pretty much everything that’s happening in our live’s. I don’t hide my emotions from them, emotions are real life, they need to know they can cry if they want to, scream if they need too…. 

No secrets for us brings us closer…. 

We’re a team, we ride the wave together, united as one, lifting each other up, cheering each other on. It’s just how we roll…. 

I’m not here to say that’s what you need to do…. No ones gets to tell you how to parent. Parenting your children is your choice and only yours this is just what we do. 

But I do think as parents it’s important for us to stop our children in their lives and remind them to breathe in their happy moments, to teach them to absorb the feeling, to know when to appreciate life so they can draw on that in their adulthood. When life gets tough they can wander off in their imagination and relive the memories. 

I think as a parent we owe them that.  

Especially when our world is consumed with technology, social media and pressure to conform.  We owe them the chance to live outside the box. That’s my opinion anyway… 

Thanks for reading! 

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Keep it real beautiful people! 

Love and Light

Kelley 😘😘