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Lazy Days!

Inner City Hangs

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I loooove this boho outfit! It’s one of those outfits that you can wear any where and at anytime… I’ve hammered this outfit, I’ve wore it to artist shows, to dinner, Spring/Summer fashion releases, it really is one of the most versatile outfits I own. It’s also probably the most comfortable outfit I own. I know they say in the fashion world, no pain no gain well let me tell you, this Mumma is all about comfort! I’m getting too old to be uncomfortable… Who’s with me?!? 

Now days I want shoes I can last in, outfits I can relax in and effortless style that suits me. Don’t get me wrong, there’s the odd occasion where I’m alittle next level but generally, comfort is key. I find I can’t relax and enjoy the moment unless I’m comfortable. 

 I purchased the jacket online from Lioness about a year ago.  It’s my most used jacket in my whole wardrobe, suits all seasons and pretty much all outfits. Faux Fur ofcourse….. Furs not really my thing. I don’t judge, it’s just not for me. The key is to find classic pieces that last for years…. One you can still bring out in ten years time. It took me a long time to work that out. I was always into the trends, the fashion for each season and wasted a lot of money on disposable clothing.  Now my purchases are much more calculated.

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Style/Model – Kelley Webb – @thegypsy.mumma

Photography – Natalie Waterman – @natalia.jain

Outfit Details

Jacket – Lioness

Dress – Liquidcore

Boots – Ego Official 

Jewellery – Samantha Wills | Lovisa | Moonlight Society

(This post may contain affiliate links)